20 Latest Fascinating Kitchen Cupboard Ideas

Are you running out of kitchen design ideas? There is one thing you can do, update your cupboard and kitchen cabinets. If you can do that you will be surprised how much your kitchen will be changed.

In the early time, there weren’t many fashionable cupboards to show off for the kitchen. But now, there are amazing cupboards and cabinet that are capable of transforming your kitchen.

So, if you are looking for a new look for the kitchen, you should start looking for an innovative cupboard. To make things easier we have brought a list of ideas for kitchen arrangements.

20 Latest Fascinating Kitchen Cupboard Ideas Cabinet Project - 2

20 kitchen cupboard design ideas

Before looking for a trendy kitchen cupboard, you have to keep in mind that you need a trendy cabinet as well. The cupboards and cabinets go hand in hand with one another.

If you have an amazing-looking cupboard with a cabinet that does not merge with the kitchen your money will be wasted. Because overall the kitchen does not look pleasing.

So, focus on getting both cupboards and cabinets that complement each other. We have split up different types of cupboards in three categories. You may pick any one style for your kitchen from the following.

The latest kitchen cupboards

There are various kitchen cupboard ideas that you can apply to your kitchen. let us look at the latest kitchen cupboards ideas first.

Steel style cupboard for kitchen

20 Latest Fascinating Kitchen Cupboard Ideas Cabinet Project - 3

If you want long-lasting as good looking kitchen cupboards, then steel is one of the best options. The appearance of the steel cupboard is captivating. It is sleek, trendy and durable. You can also say that it is a package of goodness for the kitchen.

So far there isn’t any drawback of stainless steel cupboard. However, it does get scratches and fingerprints on it which affects its look a lot. Recently, stainless steel has been upgraded and those issues are diminished.

Wood cupboards

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You are already aware of wood cupboards. They are elegant and look nice in the kitchen. The new trends are to use veneer wood cupboards. These are not new in the Europe zone. It has been used for ages there. But now it is spreading into other regions of the world, especially in the US.

If you are planning to adapt to this style of cupboards, you need to understand the veneer quality. Otherwise, you might not be satisfied with the deal. There are different types of veneer with which the cupboards are made. There strength and longevity depend on the quality of veneer.

So, if you are willing to get a veneer cupboard then it is you should find an expert who knows a lot about the matter. Only then you can take steps to fix the deal.

Monochrome kitchen cupboards

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Apart from changing the materials of the cupboard, the color of the cupboard can be changed too. Pick one simple color like white, gray or black. Change the entire kitchen color in the monochrome theme.

The simple appearance of the kitchen is pleasing. The colors are not too rich which makes the interior feel calm and relaxed. Some may choose to prefer bright colors for the kitchen but it is not recommended.

If you want a simple looking kitchen then the white color is suitable for the purpose. It has the calmness that can create that atmosphere. On the other hand, if you use black, it expresses a bold kitchen.

You may select other colors for a monochrome kitchen as well. But if you do, you need to select the color wisely.

Seeing any bright color all over the kitchen can be irritating. So, you need to pick a color that you are comfortable with. In any case, staying with one color for the theme is the technique for a nice kitchen.

Lacquered kitchen cupboard

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Lacquer kitchen cabinets are one of the new style kitchens out there. The cupboards and cabinets are made up of layers of lacquer. While manufacturing layers are applied one after another, then they are polished and waxed to finish the material. After this, the material is used to make kitchen cupboards and cabinets.

They appear shiny and bright to look at. A lacquer material kitchen appears more appealing to a simple white kitchen.

However, the gorgeous appearance of the cupboards and cabinets depends on the workmanship of the making. If they are done nicely, you will have a grand cupboard for your kitchen. Hence, when you are select a lacquer cupboard, you need to be picky.

In any case, there is a saying that a busy family should avoid these cupboards. As you are likely to get scratches on them. Select the cupboards that suit your condition.

Floating kitchen cupboard

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A floating kitchen cupboard is probably a must-have design. It saves more room for keeping things below. Additionally, it is a brilliant touch to modern kitchen designs. It also looks stylish and can change your kitchen environment.

In many cases, floating shelves are used as cupboards. However, they are a great addition to your kitchen as well. The shelves appear as a straight line which is a statement for modern expressions.

The only problem that lies with shelves is that they are open and visible. Boxed cupboards are don’t need as much attention as shelves do. You need to organize everything frequently to maintain a charming view of the kitchen.

Mix material cupboard kitchen style

20 Latest Fascinating Kitchen Cupboard Ideas Cabinet Project - 8

A floating kitchen cupboard is probably a must-have design. It saves more room for keeping things below. Additionally, it is a brilliant touch to modern kitchen designs. It also looks stylish and can change your kitchen environment.

In many cases, floating shelves are used as cupboards. However, they are a great addition to your kitchen as well. The shelves appear as a straight line which is a statement for modern expressions.

The only problem that lies with shelves is that they are open and visible. Boxed cupboards are don’t need as much attention as shelves do. You need to organize everything frequently to maintain a charming view of the kitchen.

Mix color cupboard kitchen style

Mix color cupboard kitchen style 02Mix color cupboard kitchen style 01Mix color cupboard kitchen style 03Mix color cupboard kitchen style 04

As it is with the material mixture, you can use different colors in the cupboard. For instance, blue color drawers with white cupboard body. The coloring should be followed throughout your kitchen. It should not look like the cupboard does not belong there.

Another good coloring option for cabinets and cupboards is to color black cabinets with gray drawers. This type of color combination makes the kitchen appear simple but interesting at the same time. Of course, you need to be careful while you are picking the color for your kitchen.

Focus on the cupboard

For this style, you need to focus your cupboard in the kitchen. You can do this by using a separate color on the cupboard, or keeping the cupboard in a different theme. Y

For example, you may choose a monochrome theme for your entire kitchen. Say if your kitchen is white, you pick one different color for the cupboard. Among all the furniture of the kitchen, the cupboard draws attention to visitors. It can be a nice style for your kitchen.

You may select soft warm colors like lemon, or pickled green. Similarly, you can choose the cupboard to be of different material to get noticed. A wooden cupboard in between the white themed kitchen, or a steel cupboard. The style can really please the observers of the kitchen.

Cool kitchen cupboards

So, far we have shared some of the common trends of kitchen cupboard designs. People usually pick from the styles above for their kitchen.

Now you will find some cool, different and unique ideas for your kitchen. Of course, all kitchen designs are beautiful but these are the exceptional designs that are hard to find.Cool kitchen cupboardsOpen cupboardSemi-open cupboardsOak cupboardGalvanized Metal kitchenMultiple combinationsTall cupboard and cabinetsLighting under the cupboards

Open cupboard

The open cupboard and cabinets expose everything that is stored inside. Nowadays this trend is getting around for the modern kitchen. The cups and crockeries itself become the decorations of the kitchen.

This type of cupboards often appears as frames, with shelves inside to hold the cups. It is a new style that is rarely found. Yet, it looks amazing in the kitchen.

Semi-open cupboards

You might have guessed it from the name, but in these cupboards, the door appears like a net or blinds. So, you can see some crockeries in the kitchen but not all of them. A mesh-like structure on the door partially makes the cups visible.

Oak cupboard

This is an old fashion taking its step again back into the kitchen. Oakwood was used in the early days to make kitchen furniture. Now it is finding its way back to our kitchen again.

The specialty of oak wood furniture is that they give off a different expression than wood materials. Wood is very common nowadays in the kitchen whereas oak wood is hard to find. Hence it gives your kitchen a unique touch as well as it uplifts your kitchen.

People who spent their childhood in the oak kitchen cupboard misses the kitchen from childhood. They still look for them to connect with their past.

As a result, some decide to place oak wood cupboards and cabinets in their kitchen. Although it is an old-style, it can still change your kitchen. In simple words, you can say oak wood is a timeless style. It still has wonderful effects on the kitchen interior as it had in the past.

Galvanized Metal kitchen

You have already heard of stainless steel kitchen cabinets and cupboards. There is one metal look that is rare to find in the kitchen.

For this kitchen look, you need to understand what the cupboards are made of. The metal steel is galvanized, hot-rolled and coated over the MDF board for finishing.

The resulting look of the kitchen is unique and fascinating. If you have a glance at one of these kitchens, you will surely want one in your own home.

However, to get this type of kitchen you need to get a bit crafty. Contact cabinet door maker and metal fabricator for these kitchen cupboards. Explain to them what you want and then go for the astonishing look of the kitchen.

Multiple combinations

This one is different but not as wonderful as our last entry. In any case, it entirely depends on your creativity for decorating the kitchen. We have already talked about how different materials can be used in a kitchen. This is like an update of that idea where three types of cabinets and cupboards are used together.

To achieve this kitchen style, you can use lacquer, wood, and paints altogether in one kitchen. The combination is up to you. You can select the kitchen cupboards and style you want and finish your kitchen style.

Tall cupboard and cabinets

Select tall cupboards and cabinets for your kitchen. Generally, cabinets and cupboards leave some space between cupboards and the ceiling.

When tall cupboards are used, this space can be used smartly. Then you can organize your kitchen better. The clutter has a place inside the cupboard and cabinets. So, the kitchen always remains tidy and organized. Hence tall cupboards are a great choice for the kitchen.

Lighting under the cupboards

Nowadays, people like to add more decorations to the kitchen. One such decoration is using lights under the tables. In the present time, this idea is used in the cupboards as well.

Adding lights to the cupboards can look good, at the same time they can help you find items inside the cupboard. The lights work both ways as a decorator and help when you can’t see in the dark.

Affordable kitchen cupboards

Although there are many keen kitchen ideas out there, they are not affordable. If you are low on the budget, then you can use the following ideas to upgrade your kitchen.

  • RTA cabinets and cupboards

These cabinets are the most popular choice when it comes to affordable cabinets. There are good comments about these kitchen cabinets and cupboards everywhere. You can contact the custom made kitchen cabinets manufacturers and make cupboards that suit your home kitchen.

Being custom made they fit right in the kitchen. They are cheap and good looking. So, many people prefer these cupboards rather than the ready-made ones sold in the market.

  • Previously used cupboards

It probably doesn’t sound like a good idea but you can get some decent cupboards for the kitchen at a cheap price. Surf through the ad posting sites to find good offers.

There are many people who replace their cabinet to keep up with the status. The cupboards they sell are not out of order or time. So, you can get a new nice looking kitchen cupboard set at a low cost.

  • Modern kitchen cabinets and cupboards

The modern kitchen cabinet and cupboards promise that they have better offers than IKEA. They are giving cupboards at a cheaper price with good quality. However, you will have to find out if the quality is satisfying.

The cupboards they sell are not custom made, they are ready-made. So, there is no cost for the installation of the products.

At first, you need to find out about some of their products. Check the quality of cupboards, if they are sturdy and long-lasting.

You can find ways to communicate with people who have already bought from them. Then you can decide if you want a modern kitchen cupboards.

  • China cupboards and cabinets

Some Chinese shops sell affordable cabinets and cupboards. These cabinets are imported from china to be sold in different countries. The material of the cupboards is decent.

One problem that lies with all China products is that there is no warranty for the products. It is a risk that you must take to get them at a low cost.

Another drawback is that they are wrapped in harmful chemicals. Hence, if you want to get China cupboard you need to know about them as well. Research much about China cupboards before buying them. Only after you know everything about the product, you can buy them.

  • Local cupboards from the shop

Generally, we avoid looking for things at the nearby shops, because we think they are expensive. But sometimes we miss out good offers because of this thought. If you check out the local shops, you may find affordable cupboards.

Of course, they are not as cheap as second-hand ones, or custom furniture. But they are not so expensive as well. If you search for it, you might find some decent cupboards at affordable prices.

  • Kraftmaid cabinets

This is one of the best options you can get for cheap cabinets. They sell their products at 80 percent off in Waren and Ohio. Some cabinets and cupboards come without doors. But you can use them as open cupboards in the kitchen which is grace in many kitchens.

Once again, of course, you need to find out as much information as you can about their shops. Find the ones that give the best offers for you, and you have got a nice kitchen cupboard.

Final words

These are some interesting ideas about kitchen cabinets. After, reading this article you know where to find the cheap cupboards for your kitchen.

After getting a new cupboard you can arrange them in one of your favorite styles. There could be other kitchen styles that we didn’t mention here. But we tried to pick out the best ones for you.

Select your kitchen cabinets wisely, because the kitchen is the center of the home, and kitchen cabinets and cupboards make up the kitchen.