2021 Guide To Bedroom Storage With Walk-in Wardrobes

If you don’t want clothes hanging over chairs or piles of pillows and spare linens overshadowing your style, you’ll need to plan. Or consider acquiring walk-in wardrobes. It’s important to list what you need to store and calculate how much storage space and hanging space are required. If you want your bedroom as a refuge from the world, you should include shoes, bags, luggage, and magazines. You can choose from either freestanding or fitted furniture if you’re starting from scratch. A new paint finish and modern interior fittings can improve the appearance of existing cupboards.

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Additional products

You can also use a bed-end chest or multi-drawer cabinets to provide additional storage. You don’t need to limit yourself to bedroom furniture. If space is limited in your main living spaces, you may be able to fit bookshelves or a small desk into the bedroom. This is an excellent option for guest bedrooms that can double as a study or home office.

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Fully fitted and walk-in wardrobes

Fitted furniture is an excellent option for bedrooms. A good designer can solve problems such as uneven angles, awkward alcoves, and out-of-proportion walls to create a clean, uniform appearance. Even though the space for fitted furniture is limited to one wall, there will still be ample hanging and shelf space. L-shaped bedrooms can be divided into two areas, sleeping and wardrobe. Depending on the layout, a door can lead to a walk-in wardrobe with open shelves and rails or a space with a traditional closet.

No matter what layout you choose, interior fittings are important. Make sure to include pull-down bars (look for ones that use a hydraulic system) to maximize hanging space, drawers to store small items, and rails to hang your shoes. Bi-folding and sliding doors are less intrusive on floor space and can be combined with interior lighting to create unique effects.

You don’t need to buy fitted wardrobes if you love the look. There are many large, freestanding options that can be used in place of them.

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Underbed Storage

Do not underestimate the importance of the space under your bed. Even if you have plenty of cupboards in your bedroom, bags and shoes tend to gravitate towards the space below your bed. It is important to make use of it properly. You can pair standard bedsteads with sturdy under-bed baskets or large drawers on castors. Habitat offers Kalana under-bed drawers with a beautiful oak or wenge color. These drawers are designed to be used with the matching bed but can also be used with other materials. A classic divan base can still be used with drawers. However, a plain fabric covering will allow you to access the drawers without the need for a valance. A lift-up bed is the latest innovation. This is where the entire slatted bed is lifted, usually using a hydraulic system. It allows for storage that is equal to the bed’s size. However, it is more disruptive than drawers but is a great place to store out-of-season blankets and quilts.

Guest rooms can be used more efficiently if they have storage options. Consider high-level beds with integrated drawers or a single mattress with storage underneath. This is a great way to expand a single bedroom to make it a double.

Individual Items

Low, horizontal chests with drawers are a popular choice for bulky items like blankets and large jumpers. You could also use these drawers to store shoes or handbags. If you have limited floor space, tall narrow chests with many drawers are a good option. They can be used for small items like lingerie and T-shirts. Although freestanding wardrobes are not as popular as they once were, they can still be a great choice in period homes with alcoves on either side of the chimney breast. A wardrobe placed in each nook, with the bed to the right and a set of sturdy bedside drawers on either side, will provide ample storage.

Happy shopping.

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