9 Things About Creating The Perfect Walk-in Wardrobe

An ottoman in the center of a walk-in wardrobe is a great idea for trying on shoes or laying down outfit choices. Keep dust off designer pieces by putting doors across your collection. Accessorize the space with decorative vases to continue the glassy effect. A bespoke closet layout with made-to-measure accessories doesn’t have to cost the earth when modular systems are available from a certain Swedish furniture store. Build a closet around the edges of a bedroom lounge to borrow natural daylight and the view, rather than being locked away.

Adding mirrors will allow you to check out your outfit choice at multiple angles and make the room look bigger. A dedicated space for your clothing and accessories will create efficiency when getting ready. This unique approach to building a walk-in wardrobe involves building a small room within a larger room. As you can see here, the space above the walls is open, and a window is visible beyond. This allows natural light and increases airflow in a smaller space.

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Fashion blogger, Josie, turned her spare room into a dressing room. Watch her account of the Sharps experience through every step of the journey from design to installation. Alternatively, attach Polaroids of the shoes inside to the outside of existing shoe boxes, ready for easy identification. Shoe bars only work with heeled footwear, so instead, choose flat shelves and see-through plastic boxes, which are great for stacking and locating the right shoes at a glance. Shelves above hanging rails or doors can be used to accommodate less frequently used items, and a set of closed cupboards will protect more expensive garments from dust. An average 2.2m ceiling height will allow for two rows of short hanging, one above the other, or one row or long hanging with shelves or drawers underneath.

A walk-in closet is typically a large closet, wardrobe, or room primarily intended for storing clothes, footwear, etc., and being used as a changing room. As the name suggests, walk-in closets are closets sufficiently big as to allow one to walk into them to browse through the items. It is often a small room with a wall-mounted cabinet, shelf and drawers, and these can either be with or without doors.

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A simplified, pretty wallpaper pattern called Great Wave by Cole and Son inspired the look of this custom closet in Cristin Bisbee Pries’s home. The Inspired HiveMany people do not have the budget for custom closet storage—not to mention gorgeous wallpaper. That is why this small walk-in closet transformation by Nicole from The Inspired Hive is such an accomplishment.

The walk-in closet is like a small kingdom created specifically for clothes and clothes, a kingdom that almost seems a magical place out of time. Erin Gates design in a children’s bedroom by Erin Gates Design, a shallow closet feels more like a walk-in thanks to a smart closet organization system. Units like these make it a snap to create compartmentalized storage solutions for a wide range of items. On the top shelf are baskets that keep seasonal items out of sight. A fun feature is the adorable bow rack on the left that keeps pretty ribbons nicely organized.

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Customize our distinct yet practical wardrobe designs with a range of accessories. Side mirrors, drawer organizers & dividers, clothes rails, pull baskets, sensor lights, electric sliding doors, etc. Walk-in closets cater to larger needs by providing a home design as a dressing room with an extra space feature. Sharps has an extensive range of innovative storage solutions to give everything from suitcases to socks a home when it comes to organizing all your belongings beautifully.

This all-white walk-in robe has plenty of hanging space, drawer storage and a dressing table laid out in a very spacious, minimal and simple floorplan. This layout is suitable for those who have space at their disposal and want to create a luxury experience at home. Furthermore, opportunities for storage and organization should be identified and maximized before the design is finalized to achieve a functional robe. It can be a small or a large room with enough space for more than one person’s clothes and can be decorated with a chair, mirror and lighting features.

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It’s all about considering your unique space and storage needs. Long, narrow rooms can easily accommodate walk-in wardrobe designs with wall-to-wall sliding doors. There is plenty of walk-in wardrobe designs that are flexible enough for any space. All you need is at least 1.4m in depth to fit the interior solutions such as shelves and fitted. You can then design your wardrobe to be any width you require.

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