A Wooden Floor in a Bathroom

While a solid wood bathroom wooden floor will look great when finished, wood might not be the best material for long-term bathroom floors.

Few artisans can provide the mounting rings and flanges that are required to attach the system. However, some systems have direct drainage instead of a pop-up drainage system. The type of vessel sinks can affect the plumbing and mounting.

A Wooden Floor in a Bathroom Cabinet Project - 2

Bathrooms are naturally moist and wet areas. This is why tiles and cut stone are so popular. A wooden floor can become moist if it is not properly sealed and prefinished for bathroom floors. You should ensure that the bathroom floor you select is suitable for your needs. You can always choose another option.

If the toilet flange is not level with the floor, it must be raised to level the new thicker flooring. A good plumbing supply house will sell you flange extensions kits. These kits will attach to your existing toilet drain and raise your flange. To complete the job, you will need to raise the flange and seal the flooring.

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Call a plumber if you need help running a toilet drain. A professional should handle the job of installing new toilet drainage. First, install the wooden floor and mark the location of the toilet drain. Be sure not to damage any floor joists. Next, the plumber will drill through the wooden floor and subfloor to create a clean hole.

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Two main components of a bathroom are usually the bowl and the tank. It is best to install the bowl first. Before placing the bowl, make sure that the closet flange is temporarily blocked with insulation or a cloth to stop sewer gases from escaping. This should be removed. Next, place the bowl on top of the closet flange and check if it is level. You can use shims later if it doesn’t.

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The new hole is secured with a unique flat flange. Once the hole has been closed, the plumbing for the toilet can be run under the floor to the new flange. This is a very professional job. Now it appears that the flange has been installed into the floor. It’s also locked in place. To ensure a good seal, toilet flanges should be placed on top of the floor. You could get in serious trouble if the flange is too deep into the floor.

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