An Integral Part of Modular Kitchen: The Cabinets

In this modern area where everything is being replaced with new technologies and facilities, the modular kitchen is the new face of the kitchen. Whether it be in America, Europe, or even in the developing Asian countries, everyone is switching to the modular kitchens now. Especially due to its availability in custom designs and affordable pricing, they have gained even more popularity. Modular kitchens, among other things, are very attractive to look at and give you whole another level of functionalities. They are so eye-catching that they cannot go unnoticed. They are plenty of options that you can try from if you want to enhance the beauty and comfort of not only your kitchen but your entire home.

Everything has parts, which, when put together, make something beautiful. It is the same as the modular kitchen. It has many components that need to be put together to achieve the complete look. And the enjoyable part is that you can choose to keep what you like and cut out what you don’t, as it entirely custom made. However, there is a part of the modular kitchen that you cannot choose to ignore. That is the cabinets. The cabinets are wooden boxes that are designed for storage of things in your kitchen. They are either empty or have steel bars inside them as per the requirements of the kitchen accessories you use. These custom kitchen cabinets are waterproof and very durable. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that the cabinets place a vital role to determine the look, comfort, and functionality of your entire kitchen. The custom kitchen cabinets with the right choice of their layout can give you the best cuisine that you can ever have in terms of everything from appearance to the functions.

We will be talking about the custom kitchen cabinets here to ensure to help you find all the requirement to build the exact type of custom modular kitchen you need or have wished for. We guarantee you that everything that you need to know about the custom kitchen cabinets are waiting for you below so that you can build the perfect modular kitchen for yourself. The custom kitchen cabinets are generally of three types as per their location, storage space, and availability.

1.Base Cabinets:
The cabinets that are placed under the granite slab of your modular kitchen are generally referred to as the base cabinets. The base cabinets are divided into different units by steel bars where you can place the cutlery items. It also has open sections where you can place big kitchen utensils or any other necessary kitchen accessory. Not only they work as the storage units, but they also help to support the slab section of the kitchen. Hence, the base cabinets successfully make their place in the custom kitchen cabinets.

2.Overhead Cabinets:
These parts of the custom kitchen cabinets are placed opposite to the base cabinets. As their name suggests, the overhead cabinets are placed above the slab of the modular kitchen. They are placed on the walls directly for easier accessibility of items needed while working in the kitchen. You can store anything that you like for quicker access like the spices, tea leaves, sugar, and many more as per your need. Unlike the base cabinets, these cabinets are an optional part of the custom kitchen cabinets.

3.Tall Cabinets:
As their name suggests, these types of cabinets are tall and generally cover the part from the bottom of the base cabinets to the top of the overhead cabinets. However, these are custom made, so you definitely have the choice of determining the height. These cabinets are generally used when you need to have a large storage area. They are usually used to store bulky items that are required in the kitchen. Similar to the overhead cabinets, these parts of the custom kitchen cabinets are also optional.

These are the types of cabinets that help you achieve the type of custom modular kitchen that you dream of. For your further knowledge, we have also taken the opportunity to mention the layouts of the kitchen that are generally used to construct the modular kitchen that you have always dreamed of.

1.One-wall Layout or the Straight Layout:
This layout is generally used when you need to save the space, or you have less space. Even if you have a spacious place, you can use this layout to adjust the dining tables or other items in the kitchen. In the one-wall layout, all like the cabinets, sink, hob, fridge and other accessories in the same line against the wall. This straight layout is also known to provide optimum efficiency while keeping the space to a minimum. This layout does not work on the general theory of kitchen, the triangle theory due to the
placement of accessories in a straight line. Thus, the tall cabinets are
generally used in this layout. However, the design is custom, so the choice is yours. We can generally witness the use of this layout in the loft apartments or the studios. With its small space, it looks cute and adds to the enhancement of the beauty and comfort of your house.

2.Galley Layout or Parallel Layout:
The galley layout, also known as the parallel layout consists of two workspaces parallel to each other. The workspaces are placed on the opposite walls of the kitchen. From the cooking point of view, most of the chefs prefer this layout. This layout is also known to provide plenty of working space for numerous amounts of appliances. Along with this, the galley layout also provides a huge area for storage as there are double numbers of cabinets when compared to the straight layout. Unlike the one-wall layout, this layout can accommodate all types of cabinets, including the tall cabinets. Not just the cabinets, this layout also favor the owner to place more kitchen appliances. Thus, this layout can be used in any space. There is no doubt that the parallel layout will add to the beauty and comfort of your kitchen.

3.L-Shaped layout:
As the name suggests, this kitchen layout is shaped in an L-format. It has two units of the custom modular kitchen which are placed on the two adjoining walls that provide ample amount of free space to place other kitchen accessories, like a small, and cozy dining space. This layout is considered as one of the most versatile layouts and can accommodate all the types of custom kitchen cabinets. This type of layout is also termed as the open kitchen. Apartments that are compact generally tend to use this type of kitchen layout. Like other layouts, this layout also gives offers swift functionality and comfort. If you are looking forward to going with this layout for your kitchen, rest assured it is definitely going to enhance the look and comfort of your kitchen.

4.U-shaped Layout or Horseshoe kitchen layout:
This layout is a three-way accessible and proves itself as one of the best options to have if you really love cooking. The U-shaped layout has its cabinets, and other accessories placed on the three adjacent walls and require a spacious place to be placed. It offers you all the versatility that you would need in a fully equipped kitchen. All the comforts come with a cost. Thus, this might cost you a little more on the budget. Unlike the straight-line layout, this layout has the most efficient work triangle while providing ample storage space to accommodate plenty of cabinets and other accessories as per need or wish. The tall cabinets are also best suited for this layout. This is the ultimate choice of anyone how has a spacious place and wants to have a ravishing kitchen. Rest assured it is going to impress you to the end of the earth with its comfort, looks, and its functionalities.

5.Peninsula Layout or G-Shaped Layout:
This layout is similar to the island layout as it provides you an extra counter space for dining, work, or entertainment purpose. On the contrary, the extra counter space is connected to the workspace. As the name of this layout suggests, it can be accessed from three ways. While some might say, it is similar to the U-shaped layout we assure you it is different. This layout provides you well-defined boundaries between the cooking and dining space. It also offers you ample place for large storage. The only problem with this layout is that you need to have a really big space planned for your kitchen; however, not as big as the island layout. As it requires a very large
space for set-up, it can accommodate any type of custom kitchen cabinet. If you are looking for a smaller island layout, the peninsula layout is the best alternative to go with. This layout is sure to provide your kitchen with a very authentic look while offering you all the functionalities that you can dream of.

6.Island Layout:
This is the king of all the layouts in appearance and functionality. It has everything covered for you. As the name suggests, it has extra counter space, mostly in the middle of the set-up that can be used for various purposes of work, entertainment or even as the dining space. Most people have also mentioned that placing the cooking space on the island provides more space to have ingredients around them and makes moves like chopping easier. It is the layout that is mostly demanded by as it gives you the ocean of functionality to explore and the best classy and contemporary look that your kitchen can ever have. The only disadvantage to this layout is that it needs a huge space to set-up. Putting it simply, this is the biggest layout. As it is biggest, you don’t have to worry about cutting off any kind of custom kitchen cabinets. In addition to that, you will have the biggest space for storage as well. You can have them all. While being the perfect kitchen for bigger spaces, this layout can also be modified into other layouts such as the L-shaped layout, the peninsula layout, or the Galley layout by moving the parts here and there. If your budget is enough and you have enough space, this is the perfect layout you can have. It is sure that this will be an immense addition to the look of not only your kitchen but the entire house.

This wraps up everything that you need to know about an integral part of your kitchen: the cabinets. As all these layouts are custom made, you have the utmost liberty to put things in the places you want and build your dream kitchen. You can choose according to your budget and the functionality you need and built your kitchen accordingly. The prices of the layouts of the cabinets also depend on the materials that you built your cabinet with. The better quality of the materials will obviously cost you more, but it costs more for a lot of reasons like the durability, ease, and much more. Also, remember it is not necessary that the most expensive things are best for you. Choose wisely according to your budget, space available, and the functionality you need. Do not forget all the mentioned layouts have their own benefits, and no layout is necessarily better than others. It all depends on your needs. Make sure you have the color of your walls go along with the color of your custom kitchen layout and its accessories. Also, make sure to place the accessories in the places that favor you the most.

The custom kitchen cabinets not only offer you great functionality but also enhance the overall appearance of your house. Make sure you choose wisely.

Now that you know all about the layouts and the custom kitchen cabinets go and get a custom modular designed that you have always dreamed of. Make sure you get the best that you deserve.