Basket Storage Shelves Put the Kids to Work

Although many people are familiar with the importance of storage shelves and baskets, they allow even the smallest family members to keep the house clean. There are many items in every room that nobody can find a place for. You can organize similar items and hide them behind baskets by using shelves for baskets. You can use quality wood shelving with baskets in your main rooms to make it easier for you to access the things you need. The baskets can be easily removed from the shelves, and the tops of the baskets allow children to place books, toys and other items in the right places.

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Use a toddler’s natural ability to stack things and place them inside one another. You can store baskets that you would like your toddler to use on the bottom shelf and have them fill each basket. Although your preschooler may not be a master at organizing things, finding your wallet or keys in the basket is possible. However, using baskets can help reduce clutter.

You can take a cue from the organized kindergarten classroom by temporarily attaching a photo of every item in the basket to the basket front. Young toddlers can match the items to the photos. This will increase their ability to learn and will make it a habit.

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Elementary School Students

Elementary school children are old enough to be able to sort and put away items. They also have the motor skills necessary to complete a task accurately and quickly. Have your children clean up after you have finished. See how quickly they can get items into their baskets.

Toys and clothes for this age group can be stored in any arrangement on shelves. You can organize baskets by type and brand of toys. You can place Barbie and her friends in one basket and K’Nex and K’Nex into another. The child must grab the correct container to play. As you arrange the shelves, stick a Post-it note on each shelf. This will help everyone know where their things are. In about a week, older children will be able to identify where everything is. After that, you can take down the reminders.

To avoid a chaotic first impression, use shelving with baskets to store seasonal gear in a foyer or mudroom. You have the option of giving each child his bin or using one basket for scarves and one for gloves. It all depends on their age and preferences. Basket benches make it easy to remove boots and shoes by providing seating. A shelf on the bench allows for more storage, and the kids can use the top of the bench to store their backpacks or other projects.

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For teens and big kids, save the top shelf of a bookcase. Baskets for this age group do not need to be significant as many items inside will be small. The shelves’ tops can be used to keep younger siblings away from iPods, DS games, earbuds and other small items. You can make baskets from any material. They have to be large enough to hold video game cartridges or similar items.

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Are you looking to organize your home better? It would help if you considered quality wooden storage shelves. Baskets make it easy for everyone to access their belongings, and they hide clutter. Place smaller toys near the ground at their level and more oversized items on shelves higher up. A simple switch to a system that combines baskets and storage shelves will make it easier for children to organize their toys. Basket shelves make it easy to clean up the house for mom.

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