Beautiful Kitchen Island Ideas

The perfect kitchen island contributes to being your style statement. Everyone wants to get the most out of their kitchen islands, both formally as well as functionally. They are recognized to be the foundation of your kitchen, and hence, it is a prerequisite to ensure the right functionality and style for this space.

Also, the kitchen island counter is known to serve a wide assortment of purposes. In addition to enhancing the elegance of your home, it stands out of the ordinary for improving the efficiency and the functionality of the room. Addition of the island is considered to be a sound investment. You can increase the aesthetic appeal of your home with the aid of these products.

For choosing the best island counter designs, you can ask a wide assortment of questions such as its usage, the specific features which will increase the existing kitchen, the required space, whether the room has cabinet space for storage or not. If you do not have any dining table or kitchen, extra seating should be a priority.

The kitchen islands are known to take sufficient floor space. Hence, it is necessary to take sufficient time for making each element of the design intentional. The general rule for the enclosed kitchens is placing the same in the center point of the room. As you opt for this design, it can be accessed from almost every side. Thus, it will not create any obstacle for people while walking.

However, such a placement may not be a suitable option for all the kitchens. The perimeter islands can function with different open floor plans perfectly. The layout of the room determines the shape and size. You need to keep the space of thirty-six to forty-eight inches between the island’s perimeter as well as the surrounding cabinets so that there is sufficient space for people for moving around.

You can select from one or multiple design elements for the creation of a better future which functions in the room perfectly. Here is a look into some kitchen island ideas that help in renovating your kitchen space perfectly:

Creation of more seating

Whether you want to create a casual bar seating option or your space does not have at the right dining table, addition of the low-profile seating to the island is considered to be ideal for enhancing the functionality. It also helps in making the environment social for the cook and guests. You can create a dining table or breakfast bar while leaving the counter overhanging, which provides sufficient room for tucking the stools or chairs while not in use.

Additions of more counter space

Addition of more counter space offers a wide array of benefits. Try keeping it simple. As you have more room for the preparation of meals, you can hire more chefs and serve the guests in the eating area. It is possible to create contrast with the use of different color or material for the island counters, in comparison to the rest of the room. If the regular countertops are found to be white quartz, you can opt for dark stained or black wood for the kitchen island to enhance its look.

Addition of appliances

You can consider incorporating the stovetops or sinks on the surface of the kitchen island for spreading the workflow across the kitchen. However, you need to keep in mind that the installation of the appliances can be tricky. Hence, it is essential to pay attention to minute details such as plumbing or ventilation. It will require overhead venting, which can be a bit costly or running download, which is common in the islands or the allocation of sufficient space in the in-cabinet pipes.

Opting for more storage

Apart from the creation of additional counter space, the kitchen islands are recognized to be a perfect option for the addition of more storage. It is also useful in avoiding the kitchen clutter by the use of shelves, cupboards, and drawers. It is considered to be helpful if the appliances are consuming more space in the cabinet room.

It is also useful if you are looking for a perfect option for showcasing specific products with the use of open shelving. Storage of pots and dishes within reach and out of your way is considered to be an ideal option to enhance the storage area. The other option is making use of open shelving for the displaying of cookbooks or other products.

Making it multi-level

You can consider adding the other dynamic by the creation of variation within the height of the kitchen island. As you utilize the island for different purposes such as preparation of food, eating, it will play a vital role in enhancing the utility. Thus, you will feel as if you are using two entirely different spaces. For instance, you can add an appliance such as a stovetop or sink to a specific level and set the breakfast bar on the other tier.

Making the best use of the space above

You can consider the addition of the suspended storage for making use of the space, present above the island. Here, you can go for displaying the collection of the matching pan or the stemware. It is also considered to be an ideal option to experiment with different lighting elements. In addition to this, you can choose to install the stovetop along with the overhead venting so that you can make the best use of the space for the range hood.

Small Kitchen Island of Restaurant Grade

You can pay a visit to the restaurant supply store and choose commercial and industrial stainless work table. Though they are lighter in weight, they are considered to be durable and sturdy. Besides this, they are inexpensive and available in different varieties of sizes.

For the majority of the use, it is recommended to choose one, which features the tower bar for the textiles, books and open shelving. The locking wheels are considered to be useful if you intend to move the island frequently. However, the work tables of restaurant-grade are known to be lighter in weight, and they can be moved easily without any needing wheels.

Floating Island Ledge

It is recommended to opt for a space in which the simple butcher block ledge act as the kitchen island. If it is not possible to choose for a ledge, you can go for an enclosure that boasts of the minimalist island design.

Rolling kitchen island

Irrespective of the island, you are going to use, if you want the island to be mobile, you should consider adding the supreme quality of wheels for an easy and hassle-free upgrade. It is recommended to opt for the polyurethane wheels of high density which are equipped with the locking mechanism to ensure that that the island does not move.

Storable Kitchen Island

Opt for the designs of the kitchen island which will be fitting in the dimensions of the opening. If you are planning to opt for the design of a kitchen, you can install the cabinet piece which will be beneficial for the additional counter space or the island in a different spot.

The Drop Leaf

The Drop Leaf is regarded as the smart option for the addition of extra counter space. You should be popping it up as per the requirements and drop the same for the hassle-free and ease of movement in a kitchen of compact space.

If it is not possible to add the island, you can opt for the designs of the drop-leaf where a drop leaf should be added at the end of the kitchen wall or the kitchen cabinet. The additional counter space might function as the additional preparation area or the eating corner.

The bar height dining table

The tall dining table, in the prerequisite portion, is considered to be the right island for the preparation, dining, and the counter space. You can also consider adding the hooks to different sides for the creation of additional space.

The cabinets

You can consider recycling the vintage or the old cabinet as the island. You should be choosing the specific ones, which boast of drawers, shelving, or other options for storage.

Sofa table

Sofa tables are recognized to be narrow in size, and thus you can accommodate them in the way of entry or behind the sofa. They are available in a plethora of styles and sizes. They are considered to be around thirty inches in height, and they make the perfect option for the kitchen island.

A useful option for adding the island to the small kitchen is repurposing the piece of furniture as the island. The kitchen island is considered to be a multifunctional and useful component. Regardless of how compact your kitchen area is, you can choose from the above-mentioned kitchen island counter ideas for the creation of a perfect kitchen island for your home.

The smallest of the kitchen islands can also boost the aesthetic appeal of your home. Moreover, they help in the creation of additional counter space. In addition to this, you can use them as breakfast or the counter spot. Enhance the beauty of your home by choosing from the above-mentioned island counter designs ideas.


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