Decorate your cabinets for a “scary” Halloween!

It’s going to be Halloween, and of course, you can’t avoid inviting some of your friends and family to have a party at home. The best place to party in the kitchen is at home, and it is even better if the house has an open kitchen. To make the party more festive, you can try to decorate and design the kitchen cabinets to make them look more festive.

Decorate your cabinets for a "scary" Halloween! Cabinet Project - 2

If your overall cabinets’ overall style is more vintage, mostly if they are finished in wood, merely adding a few festive props can be very useful. For example, hang a few skulls or body parts on the cabinets. If you find it unacceptable, you can turn some small pumpkins, and the effect is excellent. Especially pumpkins, or pumpkins with faces, basically how you don’t know can be. Of course, if you want to be gentle, you can also use a witch’s hat and a flying broom with a pumpkin, which is also very fun, but not quite scary. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, maybe think of it as a typical Halloween for a wizard, with various items from the Harry Potter movies, such as wands, flags from multiple colleges or just the flags of your favorite college. It’s still lovely personally.

However, it’s not very common to find vintage cabinets that are purely woodworking, especially if you go for custom cabinets. These are very much a test of woodworking ability. Most of the mainstream custom cabinets on the market nowadays are made of composite materials. So how do you decorate modernist style cabinets for margaritas, basil, etc.?

Decorate your cabinets for a "scary" Halloween! Cabinet Project - 3

It’s not that hard, and the easiest way to do this is to use stickers. You can buy some stickers online that are festive, such as stickers with elements like bloodstains, knife marks, footprints, etc. How you set it up, and the Halloween atmosphere comes out at once. Also, the stickers are more economical, so you might be worried that it will be a hassle to clean up when the time comes, so you can also pick up some that are easy to tear off and not much more expensive.

Decorate your cabinets for a "scary" Halloween! Cabinet Project - 4

But if you’re more aspirational and have the means to do so, you can do a more thorough decorating. For example, it is possible to arrange the objects like vintage style, so that for people who like the old style and modernization, this collision may have a more unexpected visual impact.

Decorate your cabinets for a "scary" Halloween! Cabinet Project - 5

If your cabinet has a glass door, you can see what’s inside. You can put festive objects or even candles in the cupboard. If you’re worried about your house’s safety, opt for the use of electricity, and you can find all of these knick-knacks online. If your cupboard is invisible to what’s inside, you can even play up and make a little bit of scary and fun mischief. For example, a skeleton that bleeds when you open it, or a skull that falls out, or even a crow pops up like a bird alarm clock. Then invite a friend over to the house to cook and guide them through the use of these mechanisms. I’m sure it will make a lasting impression on them.

Decorate your cabinets for a "scary" Halloween! Cabinet Project - 6

What is your idea of a Halloween kitchen? Let’s go!