DIY Home Organization Coat Closet in 2021

It can be difficult to organize a coat closet. There is more to a coat closet than just the coats. The coat closets are often located near the front door. This means they can quickly become a place to store everything, from backpacks to keys and wallets, craft supplies, to even sports equipment. Coat closets are a great place to store things we don’t need. These tips will help you create storage spaces in your coat closet for everything.

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About Organize a closet, the first rule is to get rid of all of the junk. Get rid of everything you can. You can make a pile of junk, important paperwork, artwork, and other things that you want to get rid of. If your coat closet is cluttered with all kinds of things, it’s time to organize everything and move it to another room.

Ask for help from your family. Children and couch-sitting relatives can help. Ask them to take five items out of the pile, put them in a bag, and then file or donate the paperwork. The piles will disappear before you know it.

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Make sure to clean the closet after it has been empty. To absorb moisture and odours, use cedar closet accessories or cedar coat hangers. This is particularly important for coat closets where wet boots, jackets, and umbrellas are stored. If cedar isn’t used, moisture can cause mould and mildew, as well as bad odours.

Make plans now. You might be surprised at how much space you have. How many inches is the coat from the back wall when you hang it? Four inches Eight inches This valuable storage space is often overlooked. Move the hanger bar by carefully removing the screws. The coat hangers should touch the wall. You now have an extra inch in the closet’s front corners.

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The majority of people have enough space to place 12 cubby holes shelving in the corners. These can be used in coat closets to store baskets, bins or containers. The baskets can be labelled so everyone can easily find what they need. Every family member can have their bin to store their keys, gloves, scarves, wallet, and keys. The cubby can be built as high or low as you like. Hooks can be added to the back for umbrellas, purses, or bags with grab-and-go supplies.

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To finish it off, use sturdy coat hangers. You will find a place in your closet for everything, which will help you keep clutter out of the rest.

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