Five Reasons to Consider a Walk In Wardrobe

An open walk in wardrobe is a great option if you like to see what you have. You can either create a unique, striking walk-in closet or use one of our suggested combinations of PAX wardrobes or KOMPLEMENT interior organizers. With beams and uprights, the walk-in closet can hold the unique self-standing units that make up the entire structure. This allows for flexible and light combinations such as Vintage, preloved, recycled, handmade, local-made – clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. These are a great way for you to experiment with the space and get an idea of what you need.

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You can shop around for the best price. A professional interior designer can help you design a walk-in closet that meets your needs. A closet that hangs from a top track will give the room an airy feel.

Garrison Street Design StudioLisa, a blogger who writes Garrison Street Design Studio, designed a functional walk-in closet with select pieces from IKEA’s PAX closet system. She created customized solutions for her space at a fraction of the cost of custom built-ins that could easily run between $5,000 and $10,000. You can make the most of space by using shelves, drawers, and a height-adjustable postmodern wardrobe design with simple lines. Tempered glass door with adjustable shelves and ‘light-strip” garment display; add glamour.

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A tray for accessories will keep all of your small items in one place and give you a walk-in closet feeling. Hang your clothes at least twice the height you prefer. You get more space, easier access, and clothes that don’t wrinkle. To maximize the space, hang clothes up to the corners.

You can personalize a cheaper frame by painting it a bright color or adding other decorations. Homeowners or closet designers can install it. Strong enough to hold everyday items such as shoes and bags and larger items like luggage and extra storage. A rail with wheels is the best option. You can also find one that has built-in shelving to store your jumpers, T-shirts, and shoes. If you plan to dry or straighten your hair in the dressing area, be sure to check where the plug sockets are located.

Don’t forget jewelry! A thin pullout drawer is perfect. Although you may not believe that you have enough space to make an impressive walk-in, a deep alcove with sliding door access across can create the perfect corner. Modular closet systems allow you to customize the layout of your shelves and rails to meet your needs. A large ring pendant can create a practical and impressive circle of illumination if you have enough space for statement lighting in your walk-in wardrobe. Although you might not want to invite people into your wardrobe, designing a luxurious wardrobe is all about creating a space that you will love walking into every day. Our Walk-in & Walkthrough Wardrobes are the epitome of luxury and ultimate organization. They’re more than just smart storage solutions. It’s a way to live your daily style.

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Lissa covered her bedroom closet walls with Cedar Safe Closet Liners. These are made from real cedar wood planks that repel moths and cockroaches. The right side has two stacked shelving units that provide ample cubby storage. The rod at the back provides plenty of hanging space. An inexpensive bath mat feels great underfoot.

She explained that the system is 100% customizable by changing the arrangement of the wooden boxes. Two separate pockets for jewelry and handbags are located on the right side of her closet. The left side of the walk-in closet has a cabinet, cubbies and shelves that allow for shoes and sweaters. The pendant light is adorned with a beautiful crystal chandelier, and the wallpaper is covered in peony wallpaper.

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If neutrals appeal to you more, keep your head clear of uniform wooden units and a soft gray rug to warm up the floor. A vanity table can be included in your layout. You can also pair it with a colorful vanity chair. The same color of blue is used in this example to carry the theme.

A walk-in closet doesn’t require a large budget. All you need is a place to store it. Walk-in closets are often located in tight spaces and need to be carefully examined for lighting. Your walk-in closet will be the shop’s showcase if every dress is well lit.

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