How to assort kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen is the heart of the house, and it keeps the house going. It is where most of the activity takes place in the house. A kitchen needs lots of space, not only for the activity and free movement, but also for keeping all the crockeries, spices, and everything in the right place. Sometimes you might notice that you have run out of space, or maybe it has become difficult to work in the kitchen.
In such a case, you need to reorganize your kitchen to get the maximum space. A smart arrangement of furniture helps maximize the space of the kitchen, as well as makes it easier to work around the kitchen. In this article, we are aiming to share information about the best possible ways to organize a kitchen.

How to form the best working arrangement of the kitchen?

According to interior designing, there are three basic elements in the Kitchen RangeFridgeand Sink
For working comfortably in the kitchen, these three elements should be arranged in a triangle shape. If you are trying this at home, then try changing your fridge and range in different layouts. You might find some images of the best possible layout on the internet. Working on images helps out a lot more than moving the fridge and range in real. Images can help you solve a lot of problems with rearranging the kitchen.
After you are done with placing the range, and fridge, you can place the cabinet any way you need. You have to keep in mind that the cabinets must be where you can reach things easily.

1.Types Of Kitchen Arrangement

A kitchen can be organized in various ways keeping the above information in mind. After the arrangement of the kitchen furniture, you will have to think about the pathways of the kitchen. The different types of kitchen layouts are made by designing the pathways for a comfortable workspace.

2.One Wall Kitchen

At first, let us start with a simple kitchen arrangement the one wall kitchen. From the name, you can tell that the arrangement involves focusing on one wall. All the furniture are placed on this wall. This kitchen layout saves space. It is ideal for small space kitchen, that is found in the studio, attic, storage, or similar areas.
In any case, if the kitchen is a bit bigger, then an island can be placed with a one-wall kitchen. The island and the kitchen wall can form a corridor to walk through.

3.Galley Kitchen

After one wall kitchen galley kitchen is the best option to save space. A galley kitchen style includes a walkway through the kitchen. Here, the corridor can be formed from island and kitchen cabinets, like one wall kitchen. It can also be formed from the walkway between two walls. Similarly, the walkway can be made from cabinets lining up on the wall on both sides. Galley style kitchen is one of the best kitchen arrangements to save space. It uses the space wisely and can create a nice working area.
L-shaped kitchen layout In the above paragraph, we have discussed the small kitchen arrangements. Both the style works best when there is little space for the kitchen.
Now, to the medium size kitchen arrangements, L-shape kitchen is a good layout for medium-sized kitchens. When the kitchen furniture is arranged in a corner, the corner space can be used efficiently.
In an L-shaped arrangement, two countertops are placed at the corner to get more space for food preparation. The two ends of the L can be as long as they can get. However, keeping then only up to 12 or 15 feet makes it a suitable layout.
Since all the furniture is arranged in two wall perpendicular to each other, it leaves plenty of workspaces. In this kitchen layout, there is no traffic issue. The extra space can be used to place the dining table. You might also add an island to the kitchen.
In any way, this design is not best for a large kitchen, or for multiple cooks. There are different design layouts available for those cases. Those layouts do not affect kitchen activities.

4.U-shaped Kitchen

The U-shaped layout is suitable for a large kitchen. Three walls enclose the kitchen to form a U-shape for kitchen layout. The cabinets line up on the wall forming the workspace in between the walls. If the space between the U is big enough, then you can place an island in between them to form a luxury kitchen. Multiple cooks can work together in this kitchen layout. If there is enough space in the kitchen as a small dining space can be added to U shaped kitchen. This addition can change your kitchen space drastically. But in most of the cases, the kitchen does not have enough space for additions.

5.The Kitchen Island

An island is also a useful addition to the kitchen. Generally, it is added to the kitchen layout whenever it is possible. The island can hold kitchen appliances, drinks, storage, and provide a space for many other things. Hence an island is a great addition to the kitchen. But sadly, most kitchen does not have enough space for an island.

6.Peninsula Kitchen

A peninsula kitchen is a kitchen with an attached island. Here, the island is attached to the layout and extends to be a part of the kitchen. If a peninsula is added to the L-shaped kitchen, then it forms a U-shape with the extended island forming the one end of the kitchen. Similarly, when a peninsula is added to a U-shaped kitchen G-shaped kitchen is formed.
If you compare a peninsula with an island, islands are more functional. But peninsula provides more clearance to work and move around.
These are the basic layouts of kitchen arrangements. You can try any one of them to organize your kitchen. The layouts vary with the size of the kitchen. When you are selecting a layout, you must think about the following questions first: How many people will cook in the kitchen? What is the size of the kitchen? Can an island be placed in this layout?
If you answer, the above questions, then you will be able to find a suitable kitchen layout for you.

How to get the most kitchen space?

1.Save And Throw To Get More Space

Whenever you are planning to organize anything taking up the mess and putting it in its rightful place is a great start. Put the knives, spatula, and spoons to their designated place. Throw away anything old and rusty that you do not use often. Expired spices and food needs to be removed as well. The expired items take up a lot of space, so it is wise to discard them from time to time.
You must try to use up the food that is stored in your freezer. It gives you a healthier lifestyle, makes it less likely for microbes to grow in the fridge.

2.Right Container Maximizes Cabinet Space

If you are storing spices in the cabinet, you will need many containers. There are many opaque containers available for spices that can create confusion while you are cooking. Using a transparent container avoids any misconception. You can also label it to help you identify them later. So, it is the wiser choice when you are selecting a container for spices.
Apart from that, there is another common mistake in choosing the container. You can select containers that can be fridged, microwaved, and dish-washed. Many people use spice containers that are cylindrical. But when you use a rectangular container, it makes it easier to place them on the rack. It gives you more space to place things according to your needs.

3.Smart Cabinet door

When you close the cabinet door, there is some space in between the items of the cabinet and the door. Space is enough to place some small jars or other small items of the kitchen. A hanging tray can be used to hold jars or spatula on the cabinet doors. That way, you have more wall space to hang other useful things in the kitchen.

4.Use A Tension Rod For Defining Space

A tension rod can be used in the kitchen to separate spaces. You can use them to make extra shelves, or create partitions in between for pantries.

5.Do Not Waste Any Space

After placing all the cabinets in order, you might notice there are some gaps in-between furniture. This is where you need to use your creativity and make custom kitchen cabinets at home. There can be many ideas to use the space. You can use drawers that you are not using anymore, or use boards to make shelves. It is up to you how you design your kitchen cabinets and utilize the space.
You might want to use RTA kitchen cabinets or RTG kitchen cabinets for a change. These cabinets cost almost the same as the ready-made cabinet, but you can customize them yourself. So, you can smartly use up the extra space to store more of your kitchen items.
Use shelf rises to store moreIf you are using the cabinet space then you know that there is more space you can utilize. When you put something at the bottom of the cabinet, the upper space remains empty. You can use a shelf riser to place more items in the cabinet. Hence you save more space to store items.

6.Use The Divider To Make Things Easier

There are many tools and items in the kitchen. You need to keep them all separated to make it easier to find them when needed. For example, you need to keep all the spices together in one place. Then there are the baking items, and you need to designate a place for them as well.
In a similar way, you need to put the knives, spatula, different types of spoons separated in a designated place. However, since they are similar items, they can be placed in a drawer. But in this case, use a divider to separate them. If you keep them together, it will be difficult to find them later on. Dividing them helps save a lot of time and keeps things organized in the kitchen.

7.Make Things Easily Accessible

In the kitchen, there are many things that you will use every day for cooking. Similarly, there are things that you need less often. When you are organizing your cabinets and shelves, place the things you often need closer to the cabinet door. So, they can be quickly taken while you are cooking. If you keep them somewhere deep inside, then it would be difficult to bring them out. While you are cooking it may cause hustle to find what you are looking for inside. Keeping the things organized this way makes cooking more comfortable, and it takes less time to complete the task.
Another important factor about placing objects is to place the thing you often need to your eye level. Once again, it makes it easier to get your hands on them while you are cooking. It avoids a lot of trouble while you are working on a dish.
Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, and kitchen cabinets are the vital space to organize a kitchen. For a house to run smoothly, the kitchen needs to be active and healthy. If the kitchen is not maintained properly, it will cause problems with your food. So, it will affect you anyway.
Hence, the kitchen must be organized right to the kitchen activities are not hampered. So, fresh foods can be cooked without any difficulty, and you remain healthy. A healthy kitchen can only be achieved if the kitchen is nicely arranged.
A well-organized kitchen saves a lot of time and a lot of space. Only if the furniture is placed a healthy kitchen properly can be achieved. It is because the well-organized kitchen has a designated place for everything. Cooked food is separated from unhealthy areas. Cleaning tools are kept near the sink in its rightful place. When everything is kept in the right place, a kitchen can work nicely. So, it can be called a healthy kitchen.