How to Choose a Cabinet Handle

One of the important supporting elements of furniture is furniture handles for cabinets, which give not only an attractive look but also increase its functionality, during operation. The production technology of furniture accessories is constantly evolving, responding to current trends, products make high-quality, reliable, and easy to use.

Handles of kitchen cabinets, which few people pay attention to when buying a headset itself, are directly involved in building the design. They must be combined with the decoration of the facade or, on the contrary, to contrast with it. If you want them to look organic, do not skimp on quality, and show courage.

As a rule, people choose equipment that matches the style of the interior. But once the selected design can be varied, violating the rules of compatibility of things, furniture, and decoration.


An essential piece of furniture due to its diversity gives a particular character to the subject. Thanks to the development of modern technology, furniture handles will be improved by acquiring new shapes and sizes. Today, on the market, the main accessory of any cabinet facade is represented by different colors, texture, style, processing technology.

A useful detail, as a component of the addition of wardrobe doors and lockers, combines practicality and unique design, possess both strict lines and classical forms. A necessary attribute of furniture of different models made of quality material, facilitating the opening, permanently retains its original appearance. In the market of furniture fittings, there is a wide range of collections of handles, among them the most popular are:

-brace handles, button, drops, rings, shells;
-railing, mortise;
-from glass, with rhinestones;
-handle profile.

At present, furniture fittings are not limited in color and are presented in different colors, the most popular of which are gold, bronze, steel, chrome. Natural shades and simplicity of patterns are a distinctive feature of modern furniture handles, which, not merging with the general color of the furniture, emphasize its uniqueness and value.

It is essential to know that the color of the fittings is matched to a tone that is lighter or darker from the primary color of the furniture. When choosing them, it is essential to know their purpose, the location of the cabinet.

2.Manufacturing materials

Today, international and domestic companies manufacturing handles on the cabinet doors, taking into account the modern tastes of consumers, produce the most crucial element of furniture decor from ceramics, porcelain, plastic, glass, wood, metal. Recently, stainless steel, aluminum, and acrylic have been widely used to create face accessories.

The manufacturer, given the diversity of the material, has expanded the range of additional surface treatment of products using different types of coatings, it is:

-hot stamping;
-vacuum deposition.

The most common coating method is electroplating. For deposition of a thin metal layer on the surface of a product, chrome, nickel, copper, zinc, and silver are usually used. Electroplating coatings are distinguished by high density and uniform thickness; they are easily applied to accessories with very complex relief. Improving the decorative characteristics of the processed product, the coating gives décor elements durability, wear resistance, increases corrosion resistance.

3.Mounting methods

Furniture fittings, integrating into any closet of the cabinet, are easy to install, taking a comfortable position. Given that the product is on the front side, has different design features, there are various ways of installation. Handles can be attached with glue, screws, and screws. The most reliable, durable connection is a metal rod with external thread and a cap, which minimizes the deformation of the surface of the cabinets.

Steel fastening screw, installed at one or two points on the back or front side of the door, 0.4 cm in diameter, 6.4 cm minimum, 3.2 cm increments. Suitable for any front fittings, except for the “staple” and “profile – handles, which are fixed with a screw on the outside of the furniture. Fasteners are installed using a conventional screwdriver, screwdriver.

Installing a furniture accessory involves the use of wood, acrylic glue. This method is used extremely rarely, only in those cases if the front fittings are presented only as a decor, where the cabinet and handles are made of wood and plastic. Such fixation is not reliable, has a low bonding strength, not re-installed in case of breakage.

When self-assembly, in order not to damage the coating of the facade of furniture, the handle during the attachment is not recommended to rotate. Small items mounted on one screw are not practical when used.

4.Tips for selection and care

Furniture handles are not pure elements of furniture fittings that solve two problems: aesthetics and functionality. The range of products in style, color, the shape is quite extensive, in order to choose the right manufacturer of furniture handles, you need to know that:

the manufacturer engaged in the development and production of stems of products must be known to the consumer, have a high rating and experience; the maximum warranty period for the goods should not be more than 2 – 3 years; color, texture, shape must be seen on the samples in the cabin or in the photo in the catalog; the assortment should be folded with both cheap and expensive face fittings.
When choosing a product, it is essential to pay attention to the size of the handle over the center distance, which is the space between the two mounting screws, so that when mounting it does not go beyond the surface of the door, it is proportional, integrally combined with the design of the cabinet. Decor elements should have a smooth surface, be chipped, rough, and in one color.

Despite the high technical characteristics of the furniture front elements, over time, dust accumulates on their surface. Proper, regular care of them, prolong their service life, preserves the appearance for a long time. So, when loosening the product, it must be tightened. To remove contaminants, use a specially formulated spray cleaner that does not contain an abrasive.

Accessories after wet processing should be wiped with a soft cloth or sponge dry. It is not recommended to clean it with metal brushes, cleaning, and washing powders, so as not to spoil the coating of the handle, not to lead to their complete replacement. If the design after cleaning, has a dull appearance, then for shine, you can use a unique polish or furniture wax.

5.Design options

5.1.Feminine handle style

These pens have feminine shapes. They can often be seen in the living room furnishings, rather than on kitchen cabinets. In the kitchen, these handles look good exactly on cabinets with false panels.

They add furniture of refinement and high prices, look great in a kitchen with a traditional design, organically combine with lead glass and costly wooden furniture.

5.2.Decorating handles

At first glance, it seems that fittings are not at all suitable for the chosen style of the kitchen, but, nevertheless, it is this that sets the mood and decorates the room.
Decorate each door of the drawers and the kitchen as a whole, give a sense of antiquity. Their value is not in functionality but in style and beauty. They are paired with inappropriate design elements, with glass and stained glass cabinets.

5.3.Varied geometric shape pens

Simple and elegant, they will be the right choice for kitchens of the “traditional” style, with false panels. This simple enough, light and functional decoration can have an outline of an oval, a ball, a corrugated ellipse.
They decorate the modern kitchen set, give it carelessness and lightness, combine well with glass and wooden surfaces, architectural details of the classic interior.

5.4.Accessories for industrial style interior

Looks great on the raised doors of industrial design doors. Classic knobs balance the clumsiness and some rudeness of the interior.
They create contrast and aesthetic tension in which the elements do not correspond to each other. Looks great with an elegant and stylish stainless steel hood, thick marble countertops.

5.5.Vintage style pens

Old-fashioned casement doors belong to the “vintage” style. A variety of sizes and profiles add eclecticism to the overall atmosphere of the kitchen.The devices of unusual shape well emphasize black tile, the same enamel color of tools and bronze of industrial lamps.

5.6.Old-fashioned wooden handles

Handles made of wood are not considered the most practical option for use. First of all, this applies to fixtures that have light shades, but they look great. They give the furniture a complete look, combined with wooden furniture, give a feeling of antiquity.

5.7.Universal design fittings

The shape of handles is so versatile that it can be used on various types of cabinets and doors. Look good in a room that has a predominantly white color scheme of the interior, with vintage lamps and wooden floors.

6.The main criteria for selecting handles on kitchen fronts

Ready-made kits are already equipped with all the accessories, but if you make furniture according to an individual sketch, you can choose a model from catalogs. In this case, you need to rely not only on their appearance, but experts of our editorial staff also recommend to pay attention to the following factors:

– Convenience and compliance with the overall design of the kitchen;
-The width of the handle should be enough to cover the entire palm and not a few fingers. The optimal center-to-center distance is 96-128 mm. To make the right choice, you first need to measure the width of the palm;
-fittings should be chosen to have a streamlined shape;
-for safety, there should not be any sharp, traumatic corners;
-When purchasing, you must check the completeness, and all products must have the same shade;
-only two sizes of accessories can be installed in the kitchen;
-For a small room, you should choose compact fittings, the best option – hidden handles for the kitchen. Large sizes will overload the interior;
-All decor should be made in one color. For example, shiny chrome fittings can not be combined with matte bronze;
-If the cabinets are installed near a wall, a horizontal handle may prevent the door from fully opening. In this case, it can be mounted vertically.

7.How to choose handles for kitchen furniture to different styles of interior design

Before making the kitchen in a particular design, you need to decide which pens are suitable for a specific style. Properly selected accessories can decorate even the budget set. In addition, it will distract attention, thereby hiding some features of the layout.

8.What models are suitable for classic and retro styles

For the interior, decorated in the style of a classic, Provence or Country, the ideal option – accessories made of wood, but over time they can lose the original gloss. It is more practical to stop the choice on brackets or black knobs for kitchen furniture. Less often, housewives choose accessories in the form of drops or earrings. The only condition: the products must have a matte finish, classic and retro styles are not suitable for modern glass. You can also use the following pen options:
-handles made of aged metal;
-accessories with porcelain decor.

9.Maximum functionality for hi-tech, loft, minimalist modern styles

For new directions, I choose trailing pens. Their design does not imply an emphasis on fittings; it should not attract attention. Often, designers are advised to opt for hidden, and touch handles for kitchen furniture. The basic rule is stealth with maximum functionality. If the interior involves the selection of handles as an additional accent of the kitchen, you can look at the buttons or brackets, decorated with rhinestones or crystal.


Perhaps you are wondering, who pays attention to kitchen knobs at all ?! Just now a massive variety of shapes, colors, styles of kitchen sets and such a small detail as a pen – makes your kitchen unique and special. Any aspect in the kitchen contributes to a beautiful design. It is also essential to choose such handles that will not interfere with the cooking process.

As you can see, choosing accessories is not difficult when all the features and rules are known. There are three main criteria:
-matching the chosen style.

In addition, you should not choose cheap products from unverified manufacturers, which will bring a lot of trouble over time. In addition to our review, we offer to look at how furniture handles are selected in different kitchen styles.