How to choose kitchen cabinet hardware?

Are you planning to redesign your kitchen? In a house, a kitchen is a place with the most activity. It is also the place that needs the greatest care. Sometimes when you are remodeling the kitchen, you might think of savings. But a kitchen is the place where you should spend the utmost. Since food is prepared in lots of steps, much needs to be done to make sure you have a nice kitchen.
The kitchen should be organized well to make sure all the tasks are performed well. Everything needs to placed right to make sure that tasks are done swift and easy. This is the most important aspect of composing and remodeling a kitchen.
When you are planning your kitchen, you need to think about both function and looks of the kitchen. A kitchen needs to look appealing and clean since it is where food preparation takes place. You can enhance the looks of the kitchen with kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinets hardware. There are types of kitchen cabinet hardware that you can use in the kitchen.

What is kitchen cabinet hardware?

There are various kinds of kitchen cabinet hardware. You need to select the right kitchen cabinet hardware to make sure your kitchen looks good. Most of the time, kitchen cabinets hardware is the handle of the kitchen cabinet. They are designed in various ways to uplift the kitchen cabinets. You can use pulls, grooves, knobs, push open, or any other kitchen cabinet hardware.


Pulls are the type of handle that you can use to pull open the drawers. They can be vertical or horizontal. In most cases, the pulls are at the center of the drawer’s face. Hence, when the drawer is pulled, the force is evenly distributed, and it opens easily.
A pull can be vertical on a door of the kitchen cabinet. When placing the pull on the drawer, it does not need to be at the center. The pull is on the opening side of the door. Once again, this makes it easier to open the door.
If you have long cabinet drawers, you might need to add an extra pull. When the drawer is long, two pulls are better at spreading the forces. Using two pulls usually makes it easier, and the drawer looks good as well.
Apart from the orientation of the pull on the drawer, you can select a pulls with curves. There are many curved, and crafted pulls to use on drawers. You might pick one that you find nice in appearance.


Knobs are used on drawers and doors of the cabinets as well. Knobs are better looking than pulls. They have a spherical or oval shape that makes them ideal for crafting. Knobs designs come with a lot of creativity. Hence new knob designs are more likely to appear often on the store.
Unlike pulls, knobs can slip from the hand. Since the knob designs are a solid mass, there is less grip during a pull. An oily or sweaty hand can lose grip from the knob.
Once again like the pulls, knobs can be placed at the center of a drawer. It allows equal division of forces. Similarly, for doors, their suitable position is on the opening swing. However, two knobs are not placed together on long drawers. Since they give you a weak grab to pull, they are not suitable for long drawers that need more force. If you have small kitchen cabinet drawers, knobs are a good option for your kitchen.

Cup pulls

Cup pull also give a good grip to drawers. They are aesthetic as well as functional. Now cups have two qualities combined in one. Cups are suitable for both small-sized drawers and long drawers. They look nice with its cup surface as well. Two cups can be placed together in one long drawer for pulling support.
However, cups are not commonly used for doors of the cabinet. This is one drawback of using cusps for kitchen cabinet hardware. Once again, with a door, the cup is weak and doesn’t seem fit. In such a case, a combination of knobs and cusps or pulls and cusps can be used in the kitchen.
When two different types of kitchen cabinet hardware are applied, it breaks continuity. So, the kitchen cabinets appear more interesting. It can create an interesting kitchen cabinet hardware style. So, your kitchen will remain uncommon among the rest kitchen cabinets.

Push open

Up until now, we have discussed many types of pull open kitchen cabinet hardware. Perhaps, the opposite can be applied as well. As new exciting kitchen cabinets are emerging, a push-open cabinet is also possible.
An open push system in one of them, you don’t need any handles for the cabinets. It may be unique, but this style has some flaws. When you are pushing the door to open the cabinet, you will be wasting a lot of space inside the cabinet.
This space can be used to store more items for the kitchen. So, if you are planning to use an open push cabinet, then be sure to find ways to make up for space. On the other hand, if you have limited spices to store in the kitchen, then push open is a great option.

Grooved pulls

A smart kitchen cabinet can avoid the trouble of selecting kitchen cabinet hardware. There are kitchen cabinets that have been grooved to act as a pull. So it can work as a pull but without any installation of kitchen cabinet hardware. As it is with the pulling knobs and pulls, the cabinets are grooved in different designs. It intensifies the looks of your kitchen cabinets. Here, there is no need to worry about the pulls or knobs to makes with the arches of the face.
Anyhow, one drawback to the groove pulls kitchen cabinets remain. They are not used in the doors of the cabinets. Yes, the doors can be grooved too as it is with the drawer. But then the door has to be thick, which is costly. If the groove is vertical, it also makes it harder to open the door.

Place the kitchen cabinet hardware right

There are many types of kitchen cabinet hardware. Most of them are used to open the cabinets. They are based on the pull or push force for opening the cabinet. So, they must be placed in the right position to work properly. For small drawers, the center of the face is the effective position to open it.
When it comes to longer drawers, two hardware can be used to make it easier.
In the same way, if it is a door, the opening side is suitable for placing kitchen cabinet hardware. Some creativity can be applied to the doors to make the kitchen cabinet charming. The door can swing up and down instead of right and left for a change.

Style of your kitchen cabinet

If you are going to get some new kitchen cabinet hardware, then you ought to merge the style of the kitchen with it. If the kitchen and the kitchen cabinet hardware have a different style, then it might look dull. Your entire kitchen should be in the same theme. It should look like all the parts of the kitchen belong to one arrangement.
A kitchen may have diverse styles and pattern. You can select any one of the styles that are popular for kitchen. Also, you can make a style of your own. You can work in your kitchen to achieve the following styles:


The kitchen cabinet hardware can be of eclectic style. It is one of the toughest kitchen styles to work with. When you are thinking eclectic kitchen make it look unique, give it a personal touch. It can come from one of your hobbies. If you like reading, some books can have a place on the kitchen island. Suppose there is a flower garden next to your kitchen. The flowers can have its way to your kitchen. Some flower may have settled on the kitchen cabinet walls, while others form the knob to open the cabinet.
There may be many different styles of eclectic kitchen cabinet. Over here, you need to be creative, and you need to have a concept. The concept can come from where you live or what you like to do. Turn your surroundings or hobbies into a kitchen theme. That is one of the best ways to get a stylish and unique kitchen.


There is a modern way to arrange kitchen and a contemporary way to arrange kitchen. Transitional kitchen style is when both the types combine in one style. You can have some traditional fashion kitchen cabinets, with modern kitchen hardware. That creates a transitional kitchen style. For example, you might choose a wooden kitchen cabinet with a modern metal pulls. That can create a fascinating appearance for your kitchen.
There are many other ways you can give your kitchen a transitional look.
You can search for some transitional style kitchen on the internet. Generally, the internet is a great source to find kitchen designing ideas. Many kitchen photos are available online. You can surf through until you find the kitchen style you are looking for.
After browsing through, you will know what you are looking for in your kitchen. Then you can decide what you want to do with your kitchen cabinets. You might even find the kitchen cabinet hardware that you are looking for.


If you want your kitchen to be in contemporary style, then you should think straight and plain. When you look at a contemporary kitchen, you will notice simple lines all over. There is no craft, no curves, just simple plain lines, and surface.
Stainless steels are used a lot in the contemporary kitchen. When you are selecting kitchen cabinet hardware, stainless steel pulls can seem nice. If they are lengthy, then, it is perfect for a contemporary kitchen.
Other materials can be used for the kitchen as well, and they need to be plain and linear. If you follow the plain and linear view, a contemporary style can be established.
You can also use bar handles to your kitchen. Here cusps and knob kitchen cabinet hardware are not preferred since it lacks the straight-line effect of the pulls. Even push cabinets do not apply to a contemporary style kitchen. Pulls and grooves are the good kitchen hardware choices for contemporary style.


A traditional style kitchen cabinet will have ornamentations to make itself appealing. Curvatures and cuttings are done one the kitchen cabinet surfaces.
The surface of the kitchen cabinet hardware will also have curve and decorations. Wood is one of the common material for traditional kitchen style.
Wood can cut and smoothened easily to make these ornaments on a cabinet. When you are planning to have a traditional style kitchen, pick hardware that goes with the style as well. So, decorated kitchen cabinet hardware is the preferred choice here.
In this article, we have discussed the different types of kitchen cabinet hardware. What are the various common styles for kitchens appearance? What is fitting kitchen cabinet hardware for different types of kitchen cabinets? After reading this article, you should be able to pick a kitchen style for your kitchen. As well as buy good kitchen cabinet hardware to go with the style of the kitchen.
Start with selecting a kitchen style you like. After that, you need to make sure that the entire kitchen in one theme. For this, you can keep the kitchen in one color shade. Many people use white tone or black tone for kitchen cabinets.
You might also go for a particular texture rather than a color tone. For example, you can choose wood texture, metal texture, or acrylic texture. If you are using wood, then you need to make sure that the finishing is done well. Now pick the kitchen cabinet hardware that suits the style of your kitchen. After that you are done, your kitchen is ready to cook your next meal.


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