How to Match the Cabinet Together with the Most Cost-Effective

As the top home kitchen cabinets suppliers KP specializing in contemporary cabinets like wooden kitchen cabinets, kitchen cabinets, and doors, today we’d like to explain to you just how you can match the cabinet with the most cost-effective, which let you have a good purchasing experience.

The cupboard is divided into three components: the countertop, the cabinet, and the cabinet. The composition is much more complicated. In addition to the complete manufacturing line of the significant brand cabinets, the countertop, cabinets, cupboard doors, and hardware of the majority of shops are from various manufacturers, and most of them are customized. The size makes it effortless to pay when purchasing. At precisely the same time, the purchase price of the cabinet is high, along with the newest customization can proceed to several tens of thousands each meter. Mixing little brands can be done in a couple hundred thousand, making it easy for novices to make it difficult.

Here explain all kinds of substances, so that you could purchase them as a reference.
The option of the door is wealthy, free to fit, and the worth of each is great. So here is the combination of the cabinet and the countertop.

Low budget combination
Natural stone counter + granite cupboard, the countertops are recommended to choose a dark color. Available at rock shops.

Cost-effective recommendation combination
One quartz counter + quartz rock cabinet/granite cupboard, available in the stone store.
Two tile counter tops cabinets, tile store, bricklayer, complete tile cabinet construction team available.
Three walnut counter + aluminum metal bracket inlaid ceramic tile, an aluminum metal bracket is sold for a treasure, and you have to build it yourself, the tile needs to be purchased and processed into appropriate size.
Four quartz stone countertop + woodworking multi-layer cabinets, find a good edge-sealing master.

Reasonable budget recommendation
One brand quartz stone countertop + plate cupboard, the purchase is service and after-sales.
Two brand stainless steel countertop stainless steel cabinets prefer the metallic texture favored.

Appearance worth control recommendation
Solid wood countertop + brick cabinet/panel cupboard + solid wood cupboard door.
No matter what combination of cabinet countertop, the cupboard door needs to be, you should buy a fantastic look! Add the maximum value to the surface value.
The countertop should combine household cooking customs, in general, is confronting the kitchen”most demanding” surroundings, do a good job quality, as well as the color value play.

Standard materials are as follows:

Natural rock: easy to bleed but cheap, it is Suggested to select a dark color;

How to Match the Cabinet Together with the Most Cost-Effective Cabinet Project - 2

Artificial rock: good complete joints, but more cautious about using;

How to Match the Cabinet Together with the Most Cost-Effective Cabinet Project - 3

Quartz stone: the mainstream of this market, the quality is uneven and focus on distinguishing;

How to Match the Cabinet Together with the Most Cost-Effective Cabinet Project - 4

Stainless Steel: the price of precious metal is high and durable, and there are old issues with scratching;
Strong wood painting: Look worth control, more fragile, and more focus to utilize on weekdays.
Tempered glass and fireproof board: not advocated, the quality of the generic makers are also less and less, fearful that nobody can be sold after the purchase.