How to Organize a Cluttered Open Closet

Organizing a messy open closet can be a daunting task. It’s easy to become frustrated when forced to deal with the sheer volume of clothes, shoes and other things in your closet. However, once you get your open closet organized, keeping it organized will be much easier. To purchase products that can help you manage your open closet, check out Potpourri Group and Hammacher Schlemmer. Using coupon codes is the best way to save yourself some money on open closet organization products sold by these merchants. You may also want to consider an entire open closet swap. After all, the old closet design may not have considered the problem of too much clothing or clutter. Cabinet Project can help you redesign an open closet for modern living.

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1. Empty your open closet

The first step in organizing a messy open closet is to empty your entire closet. Take out all your clothes, shoes and other items and dump them on the bed. If any of the items in your open closet are damaged to the point where you can no longer wear them, get rid of them. If you have clothes or shoes in your open closet that is too small, or you know you will never wear them again, consider donating them to charity. In general, most people have limited open closet space, so you need to save your open closet space for clothes, shoes and other items you will wear and use.

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2. Clothes organization

Of course, most people use their open closets to store their clothes. There’s nothing worse than not being able to find that pair of pants or t-shirt you want to wear. Before you start organizing your open closet, make sure you have enough hangers to hold all your clothes. Many professional organizers recommend that you organize your clothes by color. If you know what color you want to wear on any given day, you can look at that color and pick out the ones you want to wear. Once you have your clothes organized by color, put them all on hangers and move on to the next step. If you like to collect shoes, consider purchasing a shoebox and placing it on the floor of your open closet.

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3. Fill up your open closet

Now that you have all your clothes and shoes organized, you are ready to refill your open closet. For each color you own, put your shirts in your open closet first, followed by any sweaters you own, followed by any pants. Repeat this process for each color category you own. Clothes are easier to find when they are arranged by length from short to long. If you have any shoe boxes, place them neatly on the floor of your open closet. If you don’t have enough room on the floor, you can also purchase hanging shoe boxes. Don’t put any clothes or shoes on the top shelf of your open closet. Leave this space for any odds and ends that you need to keep in your open closet. If your items are organized by type, you’ll have an easier time finding them in your open closet.