How To Organize Your Open Closet Or Cloakroom

How To Organize Your Open Closet Or Cloakroom Cabinet Project - 2

Many households have some arrangement for coat storage near their main entrance, which is usually the front door. Some have just a row of hooks, while others have a open closet or cloakroom.

These spaces can also be quite chaotic, with coats piled on top of coats, which may have been worn for many years.

This area should be organized in the same way as your bedroom closets and wardrobes. Let’s call it a “cloakroom” for ease of reference. It is important that everyone understands the rules and that everything has a place.

How To Organize Your Open Closet Or Cloakroom Cabinet Project - 3

If some people follow the rules and others go their own way, it doesn’t make for a neat cloakroom. Let’s say that a family of four is the norm. This family of four will have a coat, or two, per person. It may also include an umbrella, several pairs of shoes, and possibly slippers.

A shoe rack could be installed so that each person has three pairs of shoes in their cloakroom. A shoe rack with four levels can hold three pairs of shoes, one pair of slippers and two other pairs. All other items should be stored in the garage or bedroom. Some footwear is seasonal so it shouldn’t be too difficult to store.

Similar with jackets and coats. A row of coat hooks could be placed around the walls in the cloakroom. Each member of the household would have their own number. Look out for cloakroom hooks with a top hook and a bottom hook. There are two hooks for every one.

All non-seasonal coats should be kept in the bedroom. Another tip is to make sure visitors have a row of pegs. One wall of a small cloakroom might be separated for visitors.

A perfect cloakroom will have a shoe rack on the floor or slightly higher, then double coat pegs in rows and a shelf around it. This shelf is crucial. This shelf is very important.

Don’t worry! You will always find something to place on a shelf of a cloakroom, even if it’s a small tin of spray-on air freshener for guests arriving.

You should also reserve space in your cloakroom for a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner is a handy tool to clean up any mud or rubbish that gets carried into the hall. However, a well-organized closet will still allow you to keep one.