How To Reduce Kitchen Cabinets Deformation In Summer?

Are you worried about kitchen cabinet deformation? If you are, then you have come to the right place. Kitchen cabinet is a vital element of a kitchen. It needs to be maintained properly to make sure your foods are prepared in a safe, clean environment. In this article, you will find information about kitchen cabinets. You will know how to maintain them, what happens to them in the summer.

What is the value of a kitchen cabinet?

In your home, the kitchen is one of the most important room there is. It is where the food is made, so it needs the most maintenance and cleaning. Cabinets are one of the elements that help you keep the kitchen organized. Along with storing all the spices inside the cabinet, the top is used for the preparation of food.
If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, cabinets are the most important elements. Remodeling kitchen takes plenty of money. Rather than replacing the cabinets often, you should try to make them long-lasting. Take care of them, and soon you will notice that you have saved a lot of money.
Hence taking care of cabinet is important. If you can polish and make sure your cabinet exterior looks as good as new, then there is no need to get a new cabinet. You will be able to save some money and use it for some leisure activities.

What are the threats to kitchen cabinets?

You know that maintaining kitchen cabinet is important. In the kitchen, many activities can harm your furniture material. There are some factors that affect your kitchen furniture and cabinets. These factors are discussed below:


When you are using the range in the kitchen, you are releasing heat. So, the temperature of the kitchen rises higher than room temperature. The temperature of the material is connected to material expansion. The higher the temperature is, the more there is expansion. The lower the temperature is, the more there is a contraction.
When you are cooking, there is a drastic rise and fall in the temperature of the kitchen. The temperature change can cause the kitchen cabinets to expand and constrict instantly. As a result, cracks may develop on the surface of cabinets. These cracks can grow and cause further problems in your kitchen.


As it was with temperature, humidity also causes materials to expand or reduce in size. This is true, particularly for wood. Where the dampness can cause expansion due to the absorption of humidity from the air.
Wood and porous materials make the most change in size with a change in humidity. Since they absorb the moisture easily and expand, it is a common material for kitchen cabinets. Hence understanding humidity is vital.
Another problem that comes with humidity is that sometimes it is not equal in all parts of the kitchen. This means that it could be that some parts of the kitchen are more humid than others. If that is that case, then only some parts of the cabinet warps, cause a deformed shape. This appears really ugly in the kitchen. It can kill the looks of your kitchen cabinet in an instant.
Similarly, if the humidity is too low, and the air is dry, it can cause the wood to crack, shrinking in dryness.


Sometimes kitchen cabinets are open to moisture. Since there are so many activities in the kitchen that include water. Your cabinets may easily get splashed with water. This can damage your kitchen furniture. When you are cooking steam from the food can also wreck your cabinet.
In this case, you will have to work to keep your cabinet safe. You might use dehumidifiers to protect the cabinet. Also, wipe your cabinet immediately with a dry cloth to reduce the effect. You can try applying heat to the cabinet to dry up the moisture. Once the moisture is evaporated, it will return to its previous condition.

How to deal with threats of the kitchen cabinet?

One of the best ways to deal with the problems is to control the humidity and temperature of the kitchen. You can do this by using humidifiers. It can help you control the kitchen environment. You can also use coatings, like painting or waxing, to stop moisture from getting absorbed.
Use heaters and other mechanisms to ensure the kitchen furniture remains unaffected.

What happens to the kitchen in the summer?

In summer, there is more heat and more humidity. Both these factor can ruin your kitchen cabinet. Hence you must make sure that kitchen furniture is safe in summer.

Why maintaining cabinets in the summer is the right choice?

Designers are rushed with kitchen project requests in the spring and fall. But little do people know that having the kitchen remodel in the summer is the right choice.
First of all, summer is the time for the holidays. When contractors and designers are working on your kitchen, there will be a hustle. But if you do it in the holidays, it doesn’t affect office work or school studies.
Second, during the remodeling, your kitchen will be out of function. You can go out with your family and enjoy summer have food outside, while your kitchen is out of commission.
Third, when people are working in your kitchen, there will be much dust. To deal with that, you will need plenty of ventilation and wind. In the summer, you don’t have to worry about snow and breeze. You can open the window and let the fresh air get in.
These are some of the advantages that you will have if you remodel the kitchen in summer.

How to take care of your kitchen cabinet?

A kitchen cabinet countertop is at its best when it is dry. Avoid moisture on your cabinet. Clean it often to make sure it remains dry and nice. If water builds up on the cabinet countertop, it tends to weaken the bond of the solid. The countertop becomes more vulnerable to wear and tear. It can easily lose its shape if kept in moisture for long.
Hence cleaning the top from time to time, is a good practice to protect its appearance.
Make your countertop chemical-free
Your cabinet countertop needs to be water-free as well as chemical-free. Some chemicals harm your countertop more than you think. Avoid strong acid cleaner, methyl chloride, acetone, paint remover, stove cleaner, metal cleaner.
If the countertop comes in contact with these chemicals, then wash it right away. Clean the countertop with soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Try to wash the counter; make sure to use soap that does not contain acetone.

How to wash the kitchen countertop?

It is better not to use any chemicals on your kitchen countertop. But what about washing your kitchen countertop? You will need to clean the countertop properly to keep it shiny and clean. In this case, cleaning with ammonia detergent keeps the countertop in good shape.
Scaling may be formed on the surface of the countertop, after a wash with detergent. The scales can be removed with a moist cloth. Again wipe it with a dry cloth to give a smooth, clean texture.

How to maintain the countertop texture?

Apart from cleaning, there are other aspects that you need to consider to keep it in good condition. The countertop is the place where food is prepared in the kitchen. Food is cut, marinated here in this place. Afterward, it is taken to the range for cooking.
When food is cut and clean, the countertop can get marks and scratches from the tools used. You will need to keep this area in shape to make the kitchen appear nice all the time. For that, the broken and cracked surfaces need to be smooth like it was at first.
in order to do that, take sandpaper and rub it to the point until a smoother surface is achieved on the countertop. Now, remember, there are two types of counter surface.
If the countertop is matt, then use sandpaper with 400×600 mesh. After rubbing with sandpaper, finish the surface with scouring pad and cleaning agent. So, you will have a new matt kitchen countertop.
On the contrary, if the countertop is shiny, you will have to use 800×1200 mesh sandpaper. After erasing with sandpaper apply polishing wax followed by the wool polishing ring. If you are done with this, then use a cotton cloth to wipe the top and bring out its reflective surface.

When to call for professional help?

Sometimes, even though you have polished the countertop, it is not possible to return it to the way it was. In that case, try calling for professionals. They might know better ways to bring you kitchen cabinet in shape. For example, they may know chemical which will make the countertop glossy in an instant. Since they are the expert, you can call for them in hopeless situations like this.

How to maintain the kitchen cabinet?

Maintaining your kitchen and its furniture is important. The kitchen is where the food is prepared and cooked. Everything in the kitchen can affect your food quality. Food quality can, in turn, affect your health. So, you will need to keep everything in your kitchen clean and shiny.

1.Schedule cleaning

Your cabinet will be exposed to heat, and humidity changes every day. So, you will need to keep a regular schedule for cleaning and maintaining them. Get one fixed time for a week for this. Then you will have a shiny kitchen cabinet.

2.Cleaning tools

If you are cleaning the kitchen, then you will need some tools for that. Choosing the right tools for the kitchen can avoid many scars itself. Use a soft cloth and soft brush to clean the cabinets and everything in the kitchen.

3.Clean from the top

Cleaning and dusting must always start from the top cabinets. When you are brushing off the dust particles from the upper cabinet, they are bound to settle on the lower parts. If you clean the lower cabinets first, they will get dirty again. For this reason, always start from the top.
There are different types of kitchen cabinets. Some extend to the ceiling, and some leave some space between ceiling and cabinets. If there is space between them, dust must have built up there as well. So, that must be cleaned to maintain your kitchen hygiene. Try using a vacuum cleaner to take up all the dust from there.
For cleaning the cabinet fronts, you can use a warm water solution with a little dishwasher. Dampen a cloth in the solution and apply in on the cabinet front. Make sure you don’t soak the cloth, too much solution can cause warping.
The range hood can be difficult to clean because oil and other particles build upon it every time you cook. Hence cleaning them often is necessary. Be gentle when you are cleaning cabinets, or you might end up ruining the cabinet texture. Rub gently until all the marks are off the cabinet.

4.Cleaning glass cabinets

If you own a glass cabinet, then you might want to use a glass cleaner. Spray the glass cleaner on a piece of cloth and wipe through the cabinet. Do not spray cleaner straight on the cabinet. Cleaners are watery liquid, and they may drip on the cabinet and get absorbed, which may result in warping.

5.Cleaning grooves and handles

After cleaning the cabinet faces, you need to clean the handles and grooves. A toothbrush or paintbrush works well to clean them. Get the brush soaked in a cleaning solution and start working on each part.

Maintaining a kitchen cabinet is as important as maintaining good health. If the kitchen is not taken care of regularly, then it will slowly start to affect your health. The build-up oil and the dust particles are not good for you. They will eventually find a way to contaminate your food. Hence cleaning kitchen cabinet is necessary. A kitchen should be shiny and appealing. An attractive well-maintained kitchen is a symbol of good living and a great lifestyle.