Maximize Shelf Space in Your Open Shelf Wardrobe

Maximize Shelf Space in Your Open Shelf Wardrobe Cabinet Project - 2

Are you short on closet space? A common problem. Even an open shelf wardrobe with enough space to store large shoe collections and extensive wardrobes often lack sufficient shelf space to hold the miscellaneous items that we all accumulate.

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Lack of closet storage can lead to clutter in other areas of your home. You don’t have to live with a small closet shelf. Instead, make it a functional storage space by using a combination of these options. Plastic storage bins are available in virtually any size and shape. Allows you to maximize the use of every inch of your closet. Stackable bins with lids can store sentimental items, winter accessories, out-of-season clothing, photos, and other items that are not often needed. Bins can be placed on the floor or a shelf, making them an excellent option for extra closet storage. Stackable shelves are great storage options that maximize vertical space above the current closet shelf. These shelves and drawers can be set up in a way that suits your closet and other house items, such as extra clothing, sporting equipment, or art supplies. Stackable drawers or shelves are a great alternative to plastic bins for items that require more frequent access.

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Baskets can be added to closet shelves to increase the utility and usability of small closets. Baskets are a popular choice for design-conscious people because of their visual appeal. Baskets come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can be integrated into any closet’s storage plan and coordinated with the decor. Additional Shelving: You can attach additional shelves to your closet walls to provide more storage. Additional shelving can be added above or below the existing shelf, depending on how your closet is laid out. You should ensure that your closet has enough storage space to hold the weight of all the items you plan to store. Professional Overhaul: An investment in custom closet design could be the solution to your closet woes. A custom closet designer will help you realize the storage potential of your closet and streamline its appearance.