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Every growth must have a special time, the baby period. During this period, there will be a lot of clothes, because children are growing fast. What if you can take more clothes and keep them well? It’s recommended to use Open Closet with shelves. 

Creating a usable closet for your nursery is a challenge. Bringing a baby into the house can mean that you suddenly have a lot of stuff to store. Keeping organized is necessary for every new parent. You need to have a place for everything or it can quickly get out of hand. Design a closet that has room to spare, no matter how little space you think you have. Because of safety issues and the need for floor space, many parents are choosing not to invest in expensive, bulky furniture for the nursery. If you do have a dresser, make sure that it is properly anchored to avoid tipping. Using the closet to create storage is a great idea. Not only will you avoid the tripping hazard, but you will leave more play space on the floor for your child and you can keep little hands away from the tempting stacks of laundry! Drawers tend to hide folded clothes so that you have to dig through them to find what you are looking for. A lot of times, this means that your carefully folded stacks quickly become piles of clothes crammed in the drawer. Using shallow drawers installed inside the closet can help you organize small items like socks and pajamas. You can even save money by using baskets instead of drawers. Shelves are great for displaying stacks of folded clothes so that you can clearly see all that is in the stack without unfolding anything. Putting clothes away is a snap when everything is easily accessible. Use wooden baby hangers in your nursery closet to keep nicer clothes from getting wrinkled. Baby hangers are important because hangers designed for adult clothes can stretch and damage delicate baby items. Wooden baby hangers will really make your closet look nice and neat. They are very sturdy and can withstand whatever torture your baby may eventually put them through! They have a curvature designed to keep the clothing in the correct shape and size. The curvature also keeps clothes slightly separated so that they do not wrinkle.

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Some of your baby clothes will become keepsakes or heirlooms, so you want to make sure that you keep them nice. By using items such as open closet with shelves, you can protect clothing and keep it in great condition. Many parents choose to do this so that they can pass their baby clothing down to future children or sell the clothing at a child consignment shop. Keeping your baby clothes nice while keeping your life organized will be fun and easy in your new nursery closet. About the Author: Ron Maier is the owner of Only Kids Hangers, a leading provider of infant hangers. The right baby hangers really make the difference in kid’s retail or home organization.

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