Open Closet Design For Coat That Works

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Sometimes we think that the open closet design is more cosmetic than practical. But in reality, open closets are very useful for vertical space utilization and for placing bulky clothing. Here’s how open closets can be helpful for placing coats.

Everyone has individual needs and habits. The goal here is to work with those habits to use an organization system in your open closet design for coat comes easy. If someone in your house comes in and kicks off their shoes by the front door every day, then put a bench or cedar box that closes there. The shoes will have a place to go, no more than a couple of feet away from where this person will take them off, anyway.

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An open closet design for a coat can become a storage space or your organizational paradise. You may not feel like you have much to work with, because most closet for coats is tiny. But, you can use these tips to make the most use out of absolutely every inch of that open closet for coat and get your house in order.

The open closet is used for more than just coats. Most families need to store backpacks, laptops, sports equipment and more in this tiny space, to keep it from piling up in the living room. The more people you have in the house, the more important it is to organize this space. You can create an easy-to-use system that works for your family.

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The idea that you want to have in your head when you start debating how to organize this tiny closet. If no one takes off their shoes there, then make another place for shoes by the door. That frees up more space in the open closet for the coat. You can put bins, boxes, baskets or shelves down there for each family member. They can put their laptop, book bag, sports bag, or other belongings on their shelf.

Another great way to organize the open closet is to utilize the door space. Many over-the-door organizers are perfect for holding things like gloves, hats and scarves in the winter. You may look at pantry door organizers to find one that would most benefit your family. For example, let’s say you get a pantry organizer that has different-sized movable baskets. You can have deep baskets for hats, medium ones for scarves, and shallow ones for gloves. You can hang multiple baskets for each family member so that no one has to dig when looking for their other mitten.

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It is also a good idea to put hooks, if possible, on the inside walls of the open closet. Here you can hang tote bags, purses, scarves and more. If you have about six inches of horizontal space on a wall, you can hang a small basket for each family member down the wall. Hang each one at a descending height congruent with their age or whatever determining factor you come up with. You can label each basket with their names. They can throw their keys, wallets, phones and change in their basket, reducing house clutter and time spent searching for things when it’s time