Our custom wardrobes are the best!

Our custom Wardrobes come in a variety of finishes, including full-length mirrors and painted glass. Betta-Fit Wardrobes Adelaide has been manufacturing and installing wardrobes since 1982. There are over 80 options for door finishes, including powder coating and 220 warm baking. A practical LED lighting feature is also available that can be integrated into the total height wardrobe. You can either switch it or plug it into a wall socket that is domotics-managed.

custom wardrobes

Visit our showroom, which is open Monday through Saturday, to view our huge range. Our custom wardrobes can be adapted to any room. With a truly customized design, utilisinghangingandshelving precisely where you need it, you can get way more interior cupboard space than common freestanding wardrobes. If you aren’t sure if a wardrobe that is ready-to-use is right for your needs, then a custom-made wardrobe might be the answer. You can create your wardrobe by having it custom-made.

A Custom-made wardrobe and TV stand must have a compartment at least one hundred to 120cm in length. You can use the compartment as storage or position the TV so that it can be seen from the bed. This will provide the best comfort. Next, choose your favorite materials, colors, finishes, and more.

Take a look at the current flat pack wardrobe designs >>. They are of high quality and fit perfectly into your home. There are many options when it comes to door styles.

We are also available to ensure that the design is practical. We may design a wardrobe with a lot of shelves if you have a small room. We could also use a larger overall design if we have a larger room to create a press release.

You can choose a Como Collection mirror panel as the center door for a three-door wardrobe design and Modena Collection doors to each side. We recommend that you only use one design from each collection to avoid the overall impact being too busy. You can also mix and match a blended design with contemporary colors. We can design custom partition doors or sliding doors for every room in your house, so you don’t have to limit yourself to bedroom wardrobes.

custom wardrobes

We are known for our great customer service, design collaboration, and ability to build your project to the highest quality. Innovative Interiors is the premier supplier of custom-made storage solutions.

We are proud to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction every time. We cover all aspects of the project, from design through manufacturing to installation. We treat every project with the professionalism and care it deserves. We have the right equipment to handle any size initiative.

We provide a professional wardrobe, wine cabinet, and cabinet custom projects, welcome inquiries. If you want to learn more about home life tips, or to see more information about wardrobes, wine cabinets, and cabinets, please follow us: https://www.cabinetproject.com/.