Small batch cabinet engineering order process

The beautiful kitchen can give us a pleasing feeling. The picture on the right seems to be the result of using the software. But it is a real product. Behind the good product is the effort of design, manufacture, and installation. The production and packaging are completed. However, only half of the cabinet wardrobe engineering product projects are completed, and the more important half is assembled on site, and both parties can work hard to give customers satisfactory products.

Small batch cabinet engineering order process Cabinet Project - 2

Drawing design:

  1. According to the large map provided by the guest, calculate the type and quantity, and make the corresponding form;
  2. According to the country and the region, confirm the engineering product process, various cabinet structure and function of the cabinet wardrobe project in the design of the large picture;
  3. According to the site design style, recommend the applicable door panel design and countertop materials;
  4. Obtain the dimensions of the electrical appliances required in the drawing project, the installation method and the direction of the wires;
  5. Implement the location of drainage, water intake, and water;

6, according to the needs of the guests and the impact of the climate, the selection of the appropriate door hinges, guide rails, and other hardware;

  1. Recommend the proper pull blue hardware.
Small batch cabinet engineering order process Cabinet Project - 3
Small batch cabinet engineering order process Cabinet Project - 4


1, high-precision cutting equipment, to have the accurate size of the board;

2, high-quality edge banding machine to ensure the appearance of the board is perfect;

3, the data drilling equipment must have, the first two parts of the perfect parts, but also through the precise data equipment holes, in order to ensure the tolerance of the assembly cabinet, to ensure the tightness of the assembled cabinet; of course, will all The mounting holes are processed at one time, which makes it easier for the on-site installation workers to operate, and the things that are easy to do can be low-cost and beautifully finished;

4, some auxiliary equipment is also required, such as the simplest connection, drawer drill, can achieve multiple batches of small batch orders;

  1. Of course, there is an existing production information management system that will play a greater role in lean production. Not only will the production be carried out in an orderly and controllable manner, but the biggest role is also to reduce the time for products to stay online in the middle so that production efficiency maximize;

6, packaging labels are significant, such as a cabinet a package, each package of the label corresponds to a room, to ensure that each package of goods is assigned to each room, to ensure the smooth installation of the cabinet wardrobe project products;

  1. How to pack the cabinet is also very important, especially the assembled and shipped products. After the packaging, it is necessary to carry out the rolling test several times. After several rollings, the packaging is not scattered, it can be said that there is no basic clearance, and the cabinet is installed. On request, there is a room attached to the room, and it is also full. In any case, the label should be clear and easy to check. The simple operation of the person who is the goods is the most important.
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Small batch cabinet engineering order process Cabinet Project - 6

Loading assembly;

  1. According to the label, the goods in each package are distributed to the designated room;
  2. check the product packaging, and then scan the label on each room’s packaging by scanning, use software to match, ensure that the number of goods in each room is neat, the assembly is completed successfully;
  3. Stick the product drawings to the wall to be installed in each room, and check whether the size of the paper matches the actual size, and continue to prepare for installation without any problem;

4, the preparation of the installation tools, especially the adjustable height of the laser level, is indispensable for us; in front of the cabinet, we must measure the height of the ground for positioning, the front side of each cabinet must be To measure the level, each set of installed cabinets must be leveled, and the cabinets are placed horizontally. After the door panels are installed, the cabinet wardrobe products are absolutely perfect.

Small batch cabinet engineering order process Cabinet Project - 7

In general, all aspects are considered thoughtfully, the engineering products of the cabinet wardrobe project are naturally perfect, and the project will be completed smoothly.