The basic pieces every woman needs in her dreams wardrobe

What basics would be in your dreams wardrobe?

Being well dressed does not mean that you need to have a dreams wardrobe full of hundreds or thousands of different pieces of clothing. Instead, you just need a well-rounded collection of basic pieces of clothing, such as shirts in neutral colors and high-quality wool pants and skirts that you can mix and match to create a large number of different outfits. The right selection of basic pieces in your wardrobe means being able to enjoy a different outfit every day of the week or even month without spending a fortune!

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How do you choose your clothes?

These are the things that you should be looking for:

– Fit – The difference between basic pieces that look boring and basics that make a woman look well-dressed is how well they fit. If you have a hard time finding pants or suits that fit your body correctly, then purchase your clothing a size larger than normal and have it tailored to fit your unique body. Look for high-quality fabrics, such as tropical weight wool, in classic colors like black, camel, and grey, so you can enjoy your custom-fit suit, skirt, or pants for years to come.

– Colour – Stick to a basic color scheme while outfitting your wardrobe with basics. This means that instead of purchasing your clothing at random, based solely on function or on what strikes your fancy while shopping, you should stick to a color family, such as warm earth tones or cool neutrals, that will mix and match well together. For example, when shopping for skirts, women who are putting together a wardrobe of cool neutrals should look for black and grey skirts to pair with their white, black, and grey tops.

– Outerwear – Do not neglect your outerwear when outfitting your wardrobe. Every woman should have a classic trench coat for rainy days during the warm season and a camel hair coat for cold days. While a trench coat is a double-breasted coat, your camel hair coat should be a single-breasted one. This classic style will keep you up to date for decades to come. To keep from ruining your good shoes in bad weather, you also should have both insulated boots for cold weather and rain boots for warmer rainy days.

– Shirts – Ladies’ shirts come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Generally, solid colors are best for basic pieces, since they can be mixed and matched with more outfits. Every woman should have both button-down blouses and long sleeve t-shirts to go under jackets for a variety of different looks. White color button-down blouses are the most popular, so be sure to stock up on at least one or two nude color bras to wear under these.

dreams wardrobe

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