The Way to Choose the Cabinet Handle

KP was created to be the most professional services provider of home kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and dressing table for projects across the world. Not only offering beautiful products but something much more. Today, we’ll want to tell you how you can choose the cabinet handle.

The kitchen cabinets are the furniture which every household needs. For the chef who pursues the cooking experience, the details of the kitchen reflect their love of the kitchen; therefore, for your kitchen where space is small, each The details are worth paying attention to make a comfortable kitchen.

The manage design of this kitchen may not be noticed. It also has many fashions.

First, the concealed handle cabinet
This type of cupboard handle is generally concealed in the gap of the cupboard door. This kind of design may not be used at the beginning, but it’s still OK to use it for quite a while! The point is that the handle is really straightforward and simple that it will not get in the way.

Secondly, the ear manages the cupboard
The so-called ear handle is the handle looks like an ear. If you say you don’t know what it resembles, then after reading the images below, I think you will realize it!

Third, the retro wrought iron handle cupboard
The retro-styled wrought iron handle is also very popular in the cupboard.

Fourth, European handle cupboard
From the European-style kitchen, the most European-style handle together with the metal + ceramic combination is a frequent design in the American and European style kitchen.

Five, a one-handed handle cabinet
The so-called one-handed manage is the form of the deal resembles the word l.

Six, round manage cupboard
There is a round handle that is mounted right on the cupboard door like an ashtray. This is also relatively straightforward.

The type of kitchen cabinets will be roughly the same as the preceding. What kind do you like?