2020 Things You Must Know Before Customizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is an important part of every home. A home without a kitchen has no taste for anything you eat. And in the kitchen, there are a lot of things piled up such as dishes, pots and pans, refrigerator, microwave, and so on. To keep all these miscellaneous things in order in the kitchen, kitchen cabinets is indispensable.

A good, suitable kitchen cabinet, not only looks good, can make the mood of the people cooking in the kitchen multiplied, but also has a good finishing storage function, greatly improving the use of kitchen space, especially for the average family’s small kitchen.

As people’s standard of living is increasingly high, custom kitchen cabinets are also more and more people’s choice to decorate the kitchen. But most people have a renovation of the misunderstanding of the kitchen, that is, the first to decorate the kitchen, and then custom cabinets, and finally shopping for kitchen appliances. However, the most correct approach is the other way around: first selected kitchen appliances, and then through the line of custom cabinets, and finally is the renovation of the kitchen.

As a rule, many people will think that the first to decorate the kitchen before buying furniture. But the cabinet is not the same, involving gas, electricity, water, cooking, and so on, and not just in the kitchen to find a space mounted on that simple.

Because the cabinet to match the hood stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, and other electrical appliances size. So custom cabinets proposed in the cabinet before customization, need to confirm a good kitchen will use which appliances, to facilitate the size of the reservation and pre-planning of utilities.

If you want to install out of the kitchen handier, Opal cabinets suggest that your kitchen plumbing before the transformation, you have to start fixed cabinets. This is to ensure that all the plumbing holes in line with the cabinet location, otherwise it will bring big trouble retrofitting.

Custom cabinets have many advantages.

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A rich selection of styling. Customized cabinets can be combined with a personal favorite, installed in different styles of kitchen. The doors and countertops of the style are rich, regardless of the simple wind, industrial wind, there is always a garden style to make you satisfied.

Second, the board edging technology is excellent. The plate is environmentally friendly, focus on the edging. Big manufacturers do machine edging quality control, touching will be very smooth. So in terms of environmental protection, custom cabinets more advantageous.

Third, the service experience is more advanced. If you are looking for a better cabinet business, in the cabinet design process of customization, the designer will be through a professional perspective of the analysis and recommendations, taking into account the actual lifestyle, to help you install a good-looking and easy to use an ideal kitchen.

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In the process of customizing the cabinet, we must also pay attention to several issues.

First, the cabinet is not the more the better!

The cabinet is undoubtedly the best tool for kitchen storage, but not the more the better because the cabinet itself will take up a lot of space. More attention should be paid to how to make the cabinet reasonable and effective. Reasonable cabinet design, in the cabinet inside the brain, such as the installation of drawers, pull baskets, and even the drawer with dividers, to place a variety of different specifications of dining appliances.

Second, do not use the hardware cheaper

The quality of the hardware accessories, which directly determines the quality and life of the cabinet. Hardware in the cabinet which plays a role that can not be ignored, such as hanging yards, buffers, anti-bending device, door hinges, etc., especially the door hinges directly connected to the door and cabinet, and the door is open most frequently, the door hinges a bad, the door will fall.
It’s a bad idea to use a bad quality product to save money when customizing your cabinets.

As long as you customize the cabinet before understanding today’s content, I believe you will be able to find the right cabinet and kitchen style.

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