To Open Kitchens, Would You Overcome These Two Problems?

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The open kitchen is popular in contemporary buildings. But these two problems for the open kitchen let’s see what they are and how to resolve them.

First: the Issue of soot

1. Hood: Buy a significant power, powerful suction.
2. Installation of this range hood:
The installation location should be as near as possible to the position of the flue, ensure to speed up the transmission of the soot and put a good foundation for its efficient functioning of this range hood. Generally, the elevation of the smoking machine ought to have a standard. The space between the smoking machine, along with also the cooking table, shouldn’t exceed 60 cm. Differently, the smoking impact will probably significantly discounted.
3. Cookware selection:
Pick some non-smoke pots and keep wholesome cooking procedures, such as hot bud low-temperature oil, less fried food, less stir-fry, etc..
4. Ventilation:
The ventilation of the kitchen should also take into account when the decoration is finished. If the requirements are met, two suction fans may be installed in the kitchen to assist the venting.

Secondly: overall cleanliness

1. Storage space
When designing an open kitchen, make use of this area, use the counters, cabinets, etc., to find relatively appropriate storage area for your pot, bowl, scoop, and pot. The shallow cupboard in the kitchen is best made into a drawer, and the push-pull kind is convenient to pick and place, and also the eyesight is also good. Use the storage area to the fullest.

2. Diligently clean up
If you would like to keep the kitchen tidy and clean, you ought to be diligent. After cleansing the wall and also the oil stains onto the countertop, it is past doubt. Because it is seamlessly linked to the living room, it is going to be visually clean and clear up punctually.
3. Power supply security and concealment
If it’s a remodeled kitchen, pull the kitchen door, nothing can be seen, it won’t influence the appearance, but the power outlet of this open kitchen should think about the concealment!
There are many appliances to use in the kitchen, from refrigerators to stove hoods, microwave ovens, rice cookers, electric kettles, etc. At this time, we must consider the security concealment of the electricity socket, from the safety considerations, paying attention to reserve more jacks, it’s ideal for equipping every kitchen appliance with a socket, and all need to set up leakage protection apparatus.
Concealed functions must also be carried out well, particularly the positioning of the kitchen sockets, otherwise, it will impact the dimensions and the total effect of the kitchen cupboard, which will affect the design of the entire spacious kitchen.