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Why do we need Wardrobe closets

Wardrobe Closet

Wardrobe closets are becoming very popular. These are not closet organizing systems or shelving that goes in your closet. A wardrobe closet is a wall unit that turns empty space into a dream storage area. Installing a wardrobe closet can give you all of the space that you need. This option also frees up the closet area for storage. If it is done right, it can improve the beauty and organization of your bedroom.

Wardrobe closets can be built or designed to fit anywhere in your home. If you don’t have much space, you might consider a corner unit. A long empty wall is also a good option. If you are in a studio-style apartment or want to conceal your belongings, you can attach cabinet doors or hang a curtain to keep your wardrobe under wraps. But, chances are, you are going to want to show this off!

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About some ideas

Start by creating an inventory list of your clothing, shoes, jewelry, whatever you want to store. Stack everything how you will want it and measure how deep, tall and wide you want each shelf. You can install one long hanging bar, or break it down into a few shorter bars. This “boutique-style” can add to the beauty of your wardrobe closet.

You can use dowel rods or hanging bars for your hanging space. If you buy hanging bars, get a pipe cutter to make it a custom length. These are inexpensive at your local home improvement store and they are easy to use. Design shelves flanked by hanging clothes. Create unique storage spaces for baskets and bins. You can place anything in them, from delicates to camera battery chargers. Bins and baskets help your wardrobe closet look organized while keeping certain items out of sight.

You may decide to install cabinet doors and drawers. You can buy these prefabricated for a professional look. You may decide to make a large space at the bottom for laundry. With a couple of hinges, you can install a swinging door where you can quickly toss dirty laundry into the hidden laundry basket below.

Finish out the bottom and top of your system with trim boards or crown molding for a really polished look. Interesting drawer pulls and cabinet handles can make your hand-made closet look really professional.

Create spaces for shoes, stacks of shirts, and even linens if you wish. You can have sliding valet bars, swing-out towel drying racks, rotating tie hangers or whatever your specific needs call for. Use cedar to build your wardrobe closet if you would like to keep odors and moisture at bay. If you want to stain and varnish your finished work, use cedar coat hangers or cedar accessories in the shoe and laundry areas.

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