Which materials are best for making kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinet board adds practical value to the kitchen space, reducing unnecessary congestion, and at the same assorts the kitchen aesthetically. Today, DIY cabinets are not unheard of since they cut off the extra expenses on installation and give the owner the choice to invest in the best material. If you are somewhat cynical about investing in a cabinet, take a look at some of the wonderful features that come loaded with it.

Easily customizable-

Irrespective of the material you are choosing, the dimensions are pretty flexible and can be adjusted to suit the space. You can choose from a variety of shapes and patterns to keep the aesthetics high. Modern features like tray storage, dishwater, and divided storage cabinets can be personalized quickly without spending a hefty.

Add value-

Cabinets enhance the value of the property from the selling point-of-view. You can improve space efficiency without making the kitchen look cluttered. Cabinets are a must-have in a fully furnished kitchen and undoubtedly can improve the overall estimate of your property.

Storage space-

Many residences have rather constricted storage area with limited space for assorting the items. The cabinets can help you in eliminating the congestion or damage of items. You can hoard expensive dishes, spices, cutlery sets, or other trivial kitchen essentials impeccably inside it.


The cabinets are deemed as a good investment owing to their longevity. The fuss of repair or costly maintenance is less with the cabinets, and if you are choosing a reputed dealer, you can expect them to last for decades. Moreover, durability varies according to the choice of material.

When you are installing the cabinets, it remains imperative to make a wise selection of the materials. This will affect the durability, visual appearance, and total amount that you are investing in it. There are endless choices to choose from to amplify the kitchen décor. Take a look at some of the suitable materials that you can consider for kitchen cabinet board.

Wood Veneers-

These are basically slices of woods that can be inserted to provide an exotic and unique appeal to an otherwise boring set of cabinets inside the kitchen. This material is enormously economical when compared to actual wood. Even if you are to cover extended surfaces, you would hardly require to spend a lump sum. This element is efficient to provide softer edges to the kitchen décor with a considerable amount of flexibility in design. If you are looking for a timeless appeal in the cabinets, a veneer could help you nail the look. Furthermore, the material is eco-friendly, recyclable, and customized to provide the service of a lifetime. Make sure you are buying the sheets from a reputed website since each sheet requires detailed acclimation before they could be installed. Another interesting aspect of veneers is its capacity to look natural and polished. In a nutshell, with wood veneers, your kitchen can look elegant without you going bankrupt. Veneers are mostly applied if you are planning for a short-term service without compromising on the physical appearance of the cabinets.


Frugal option high aestheticsNon-toxicEasily flexible available in bright and subdued colors


If you are tight on budget, Laminates is the pick for you! You never have to compromise with the quality or appearance of this material since you can easily blend or coordinate it with space. These cabinets are ideal for heavy use and hardly wear away after years of service. Additionally, the installation process is not labor-intensive and can be done within a day or two. Commonly referred to as Sunmica sheets, there is literally no dearth of finishes for this material. Matte finishes render a somber hue, and the digitally printed sheets a more sophisticated and thoughtful look.

You will never run dry of compelling ideas to deck up a laminates cabinet. It can be chipped and replaced parts to acquire the desired look. Since the laminates are comparatively cheap, the degree of experimentation is also high with this one. In a nutshell, if you are striving to nail a contemporary and urbane look inside the kitchen, Laminates is the best option to do so!


Plenty of Durable creativity material compatible for heavy use inexpensive Better color longevity effect for sleek kitchen designs


Poly-Vinyl Chloride sheets are made from composite and known for their outstanding durability. The material is fire-resistant and requires little or no maintenance. However, unless bought in premium quality, the chances are that they will fade away in the borders since they are incredibly light. You have to be extra cautious with the quality since it is prone to get lose and look tattered over years of daily use. You can exercise greater liberty with this material and decide on the strength and flexibility as per your budget. The best way to preserve the original quality is by coating them with quality paint before you install them in the kitchen.

Homeowners generally switch to PVC because of its high insulation capacity and anti-corrosive nature that help to maintain proper hygiene. With PVC, the additional expense of lining or other furnishes also diminishes, giving you an ideal choice for cabinet material. An expert team can assist in the installation process without denting or scratching the boxes.


Available in different shapes and contour show maintenance Insulated Does not require extra finishing it for heavy usage Inexpensive Termite proof Anti-corrosive and long-lasting


Wooden cabinets can complement any kitchen, whether modular or minimalistic! The material is a viable option for many homeowners since it is non-toxic, flexible in shapes, and visually appealing. The cabinets do not look flimsy or cheap; instead, they add value to the kitchen layout. Color-wise, you can access different contours and patterns provided you choosing a reputed dealer. Since wood is durable than most material, you never have to bother about malfunctioning, broken, or dented parts. Some popular options are maple wood, oak, hickory, pine, and cherry that differ in color and finishing. For instance, Cherry is pretty durable, while on the other hand, Maple provides with a consistent and alluring color.


Easy to customize Variety of choices easy to install durable Easy scrubbing for smudges or dirt


Strong and long-lasting, aluminum looks extremely classy for homes that have a contemporary look about them. Various design ideas are also available in case you want to lend a sleek look to it. Furthermore, you can amp up the cabinets with glass or wood panels to make them look brighter. If you are looking for a polished set of cabinets that would both compliment the space and provide durable service, aluminum is the savior. You can line the cabinets in a range of textures like patterned finishes, brush, or etched finishes. Moreover, if you have a routine of cooking spicy meals, this material will take minutes to look glossy and new! Easy maintenance option is one of the highlights of aluminum kitchen cabinet board.

Aluminum cabinets are known for their high functionality that stays even after decades. Also, if you intend to redesign the offices, the process is fairly less invasive. Overall, since you are paying once for them, aluminum is a good investment.


It is sturdy and provides the optimum value for your investment. Easy to clean to rub off grime or fingerprints does not rest unaffected by humidity water resistant Easy to reshape high on aesthetics Available in a range of colors and finishes

Particle Board-

It is the cheapest options for cabinet and is found in readymade designs. Made from sawdust and waste wood, the material is considerably sturdy and befitting to store heavy containers. You can add some thin lamination to frame the cabinets artistically. This amplifies its value and lends a charming appearance to it. However, you have to be careful about stuffing them beyond their capacity. Unlike wood or aluminum, their load-bearing capacity is not maximum and can suffer damages in the process. If you usually use the kitchen for light meals and cooking, particleboard is your answer!


Inexpensive ad durableLightweightReadymade designsEasy maintenanceCompatible for light usage

Key things to consider while installing cabinets-

Before you proceed with the cabinets, make sure that the website is reputed and provides a warranty period on each material. Measure beforehand the depth and dimension of the boxes to ensure they do not look odd in the kitchen. Wider doors would consume more space as they open, however, would allow you to store maximum. Other important evaluations, like height and materials, are mandatory before you set a budget. If you are seeking a modern or traditional look, the cabinets should be customized accordingly.

The installation process must be spearheaded by an expert team to implement the various design ideas and achieve the ideal fit. Most of the times, cabinets come off to lose and shaggy or tend to malfunction. Ascertain whether the technicians are certified and trained to provide the best value of the investment. Additionally, check well whether the Kitchen cabinet board is encroaching upon the kitchen space or blocking the natural light.


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