Many wardrobes can be used as a theme, but they aren't standalone units. Cabinet Project - 1

Many wardrobes can be used as a theme, but they aren’t standalone units.

Our wardrobes don’t come as standalone units. They are designed to match other furniture in the collection. Dunelm offers discounts on everything you need to furnish your bathroom.  On the website, you can shop for stylish mirrors and bath mats, towels, soap dispensers, and other accessories. There are also larger items like cabinets, laundry baskets, … Read more

Choose us. We have high-quality Wardrobes Cabinet Project - 2

Choose us. We have high-quality Wardrobes

Our high-quality wardrobes manufacturing plant is equipped to handle large and small installations. You can rest assured that you will receive courteous, respectful, and reliable service. All finishes and materials available. Very practical, adaptable, and accessible. Each model is tailored to fit your home to the last millimeter. As we grew up and moved into a more hectic lifestyle, we … Read more

Our custom wardrobes are the best! Cabinet Project - 3

Our custom wardrobes are the best!

Our custom Wardrobes come in a variety of finishes, including full-length mirrors and painted glass. Betta-Fit Wardrobes Adelaide has been manufacturing and installing wardrobes since 1982. There are over 80 options for door finishes, including powder coating and 220 warm baking. A practical LED lighting feature is also available that can be integrated into the total height wardrobe. You can either … Read more

9 Things About Creating The Perfect Walk-in Wardrobe Cabinet Project - 4

9 Things About Creating The Perfect Walk-in Wardrobe

An ottoman in the center of a walk-in wardrobe is a great idea for trying on shoes or laying down outfit choices. Keep dust off designer pieces by putting doors across your collection. Accessorize the space with decorative vases to continue the glassy effect. A bespoke closet layout with made-to-measure accessories doesn’t have to cost … Read more

Mirrored Wardrobe Door Benefits Cabinet Project - 5

Mirrored Wardrobe Door Benefits

You can create the same effect by using cupboards if you don’t have enough space to install a full wardrobe. You can increase storage space and make the room appear larger. Ask your wardrobe fitters if your mirror panels could reach from floor to ceiling to create the illusion of more space. Montgomery Wardrobes can … Read more

High-Quality Wardrobes Cabinet Project - 6

High-Quality Wardrobes

For a coordinated look, our High-Quality wardrobes can be matched to your bed design. You can also enjoy occasional discounts and fringe benefits such as free shipping and installation. You can now easily order a 3 door wardrobe to fit your bedroom. Our wardrobe with drawers and mirrors is the perfect furniture piece for your home. This will … Read more

Five Reasons to Consider a Walk In Wardrobe Cabinet Project - 7

Five Reasons to Consider a Walk In Wardrobe

An open walk in wardrobe is a great option if you like to see what you have. You can either create a unique, striking walk-in closet or use one of our suggested combinations of PAX wardrobes or KOMPLEMENT interior organizers. With beams and uprights, the walk-in closet can hold the unique self-standing units that make … Read more

Customized Made Open door Wardrobes And Bespoke Bed Room Wardrobes Cabinet Project - 8

Customized Made Open door Wardrobes And Bespoke Bed Room Wardrobes

It’s a simple habit that can save you time and improve garments visibility. Notice where is probably the most frequently used side of your in-built wardrobe. Open door wardrobes are an effective way to make your dressing space feel like a walk-in closet if you’re looking an alternative to build one. By doing so the … Read more

A Wooden Floor in a Bathroom Cabinet Project - 9

A Wooden Floor in a Bathroom

While a solid wood bathroom wooden floor will look great when finished, wood might not be the best material for long-term bathroom floors. Few artisans can provide the mounting rings and flanges that are required to attach the system. However, some systems have direct drainage instead of a pop-up drainage system. The type of vessel … Read more

Trendy Wardrobe Design Cabinet Project - 10

Trendy Wardrobe Design

The trendy wardrobe storage is likely one of the important furnishings within the house. The wardrobe sliding doorways permit you to store more things in accordance with your convenience. We supply a wide range of standard and mirrored wardrobes to your clients. Each trendy door wardrobe is made using high-quality materials with options to mix … Read more