Aluminum Shelving Project,
Suitable For Wardrobe Or Kitchen Cabinet


Cabinet Project’s Light luxury series bedroom furniture mainly focus on the aluminum frame structure, using frosted, glossy surface materials, whether modern or vintage decoration can be a perfect fit. Light luxury bedroom furniture mainly includes custom aluminum frame glass Wardrobe, open closet and other aluminum frame furniture. We can also customise the aluminum frame wooden wardrobe sliding door, aluminum frame glass sliding door and other furniture parts based on the aluminum frame if customers have special needs.
The following is part of the light luxury series bedroom furniture:

Bookcases & Shelving units

Cabinet Project’s Light luxury series of living room furniture also uses aluminum as the main furniture frame, especially open storage shelves and coffee table series, using aluminum as the frame material helps to enhance the whole living room style, so that the original monotonous and boring living room to add a point of luxury. Light luxury series of aluminum frame sliding doors, invisible doors can play a very flexible space blocking role, regardless of the size of the living room can rely on these doors to efficient use of living room space.
The following is part of the light luxury series of living room furniture:


Cabinet Project’s Light luxury series kitchen furniture is different from the other two types of furniture, kitchen furniture is almost the highest technical content of furniture, from cabinet design, cabinet panels, baked doors to hardware parts these need to be carefully crafted. With our experience all the way to the cabinet industry, cabinets are mainly divided into RTA kitchen cabinets and fully customized kitchen cabinets, RTA cabinets are easy to assemble for most general families or bulk purchase of renovation projects, fully customized cabinets for high-end family use, you can always find the right cabinets for your kitchen. Light luxury series of aluminum frame glass wine cabinet, aluminum frame wooden panel wine cabinet with cabinets is also very good, and you can also consider matching a suitable wine cabinet when buying cabinets.
The following is part of the Light Luxury Series kitchen furniture display:

How do we produce custom Furniture?

A set of furniture is more than just a fixed item. Each set of cabinets is part of the renovation project. From the beginning of the design, the design style of each set of cabinets should position according to the entire decoration style. Countertops and cabinet door panels to the drawer, rail hardware should KP do all the carefully selected. Especially the cabinet stylization in a big project.

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