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The picture is a customer from California, United States.The cabinet style uses a modern minimalist style. Door panel design with high gloss wood grain. The general feeling of the product is simple, bright, and easy to clean, the back of the island cabinet uses an all-white design, to match the style of the whole kitchen. The first picture was taken very well.

It feels that the whole picture is the effect picture of the PS, so the client is called to take a picture with the product together. To highlight the authenticity, he also takes a video at the same time. The factory produces products that are so clear and bright. Of course, the installation is also very important. We always think that half of the excellent cabinet wardrobe project is completed in the factory and half of the work is done on site.

This client got our information from the website. The order is mainly used by the client to develop their projects. The total number of households is 218 sets, the order number VLA-M180105, which belongs to a small amount and multi-style mode. Each room includes: A set of cabinets, three sets of wardrobes, three bathroom cabinets, the outlooking of the houses are the same, but the design style is different to meet the needs of different customers.

There are about a dozen designs in the 218 suites, so some cabinets are different in size. According to experience, the client had little concern about the order. Before the client found some larger factories, in addition to the price, the most worrying thing for customers is that big factory’ s assembly line production process prefers to make its standard size cabinet. They have their ideas for some special product size requirements. Therefore, how to accurately assign each cabinet to the accordingly room, needs the cooperation of the manufacturer.

A small label plays a very important role in the job site arrangement and installation progress. It must have a unique room number and cabinet No. On no matter for a big project or individual project, and the cabinet No. must match with the No. on the drawing. It ensures the goods are completed, not easy to miss at the job site. There is some basic info in the label: Order Number, Product assembly size, Product Type, Quantity, Number of Pieces, Room Number, how many packages for this set, which package is this one. If you want to be more clear, the better way is each package attached with a drawing, then circle this cabinet on the drawing.

It’ s very important to pack the individual project order without missing package and panels. Maybe one panel is not worth much, but it will cause the incomplete of the whole set product thus to affect the project couldn’ t complete on time. After that, the entire project may not be able to receive the payment, that is the biggest problem. So for the factory, the panels can check the quantity by scanning the barcode, but also strengthen the quality inspection work to ensure the packaging is not missing panels. Also, a package must pack all the panels of a carcass to ensure that the installer can install a cabinet for each package so that the on-site assembly workers can also achieve semi-flowing operations.

Except for the quality of the product, the attitude of the supplier is also very important; we need to cooperate with the actual situation of the job site, to adapt to order changes and process requirements, for achieving a perfect project.

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